Survey: Would you move back to PEI?

Creating jobs for Islanders -

People who have lived, studied, or visited Prince Edward Island often dream of moving here permanently.

A new survey from the UPEI Institute of Island Studies will ask expats, students, and visitors why they left, what could encourage them to move back, and identify perceived barriers to making Prince Edward Island their permanent home.

“A key element of government’s Population Action Plan - and our goal of reaching a population of 160,000 by 2022 – is to entice expatriate workers and entrepreneurs to return home to Prince Edward Island,” said Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Sonny Gallant. “As the Mighty Island we work together to help each other succeed and thrive, so we need to know how government can best collaborate with local businesses, education and training providers, and community leaders to identify opportunities for those wanting to return.”

“Recruiting Talent to PEI: Build a Career. Create a Life” survey will be distributed to UPEI and Holland College’s alumni networks and promoted through It is a 10 minute online survey and participants will be eligible to win a gift box of PEI products. Dr. Jim Randall and Dr. Laurie Brinklow of the Institute of Island Studies at UPEI will be conducting the research and analysis. The information will be used to guide government’s efforts on recruiting expatriate and new Islanders to Prince Edward Island.

When songwriter Kinley Dowling moved back to PEI, she immediately felt the relaxation and the comfort of living here.

“If you want to do any kind of artistic project, it’s amazing how easy it is to get something done here. PEI has all the people here to make it happen,” said Kinley Dowling. “It's a DIY paradise. You walk down the street and run into someone you know who is ready to help you accomplish your goals. It’s a really encouraging community and people want you to do well.”

The survey will run from March 1 to March 15.


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