Triple P training showing good results

Occupational Therapist and Triple P practitioner Yvonne Thompson and Education, Early Learning and Culture Minister Doug Currie.

Supporting Island Families -

As one of 87 Islanders trained to deliver the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), Laura Quinn Graham says she is getting good feedback from parents who have taken the training.

Triple P is a world-renowned program that helps parents of newborns to 16-year-olds respond more positively to their children’s development and behavioural issues. It offers a web site Triple P Parenting with tips for parents, an online course, and group and individual sessions with a practitioner.

“As a practitioner,” said Graham, who is also executive director of Family Place in Summerside, “parents have told me that they learned how to tune-in to their children, plan ahead to avoid common problems, identify parenting traps, attend to positive behavior, and create a family environment in which children and parents can thrive.”

Triple P practitioners are from many sectors across the province, including Francophone and Aboriginal who already work with children, youth and families.
“As a public health nurse I highly value being able to deliver this evidence- based parenting program that supports parents in raising their children,” said another practitioner, Michelle Gaudet. ”My experience is that parents report very positive outcomes for their children when they use the tips that are provided.”

First announced in fall 2015, Triple P is moving into Phase Two of its five-year implementation in Prince Edward Island. During the first three years of the program rollout, the focus has been primarily on program development with an emphasis on parents and caregivers of children under 12. Phase Two will focus on additional programming for parents and caregivers of teens. “Most parents experience challenges raising children, often because they are not well prepared for it,” said Education, Early Learning and Culture Minister Doug Currie. “Triple P provides many parents with the confidence and skills they need to help children succeed at home and in school, and to avoid behavioural and emotional issues later in life.”

“Many factors contribute to children’s healthy development, but one of the most important areas where we can make a positive difference is in education and support for parents,“ said Triple P Committee Co-Chair Dr. Philip Smith. “When fully implemented, Triple P will offer a menu of program options for parents.

Everyone benefits when we recognize that challenges in parenting are a normal part of the process.”

The total cost for the five-year implementation of the Triple P program is just over $800,000.

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