Wage increase for early childhood educators

Prince Edward Island’s early childhood educators will receive a wage increase starting April 1, 2019.

“Prince Edward Island leads the country in early childhood education. Excellence in this area has been a priority because the early years are foundational to the future of our whole province,” said Education, Early Learning and Culture Minister Jordan Brown.

“A new $2.8 million annual investment will provide an immediate wage increase to early childhood educators, special needs assistants and autism tutors.”

Effective April 1, the early childhood educator wage grid will include the following increases:
●     $1 per hour increase for uncertified early childhood program staff
●     $2 per hour increase for level 1 and 2 early childhood educators
●     $3 per hour increase for level 3 early childhood educators and center directors. 

Program staff working in private, licensed centers will receive two payments through the Quality Enhancement Grant as follows: 
●    $1,500 for certified staff; and
●    $750 for uncertified program staff. 

These payments will be made March 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020 and will be pro-rated based on the number of full-time equivalent staff.

On April 1, autism tutors and special needs assistants will also receive an increase of $1.00 per hour.

"The Early Childhood Development Association is very pleased with the commitment made today to advance the early learning and child care system in PEI,” said Sonya Hooper, executive director, Early Childhood Development Association. “While there remains work to be done, the immediate pay increases are an excellent first step. We look forward to working together on behalf of children, parents and educators."

Government has also commissioned a comprehensive study of the PEI early childhood sector by Kathleen Flanagan, an international expert in early childhood education policy. The report will inform government’s plans to address challenges such as staff availability, training, education, wages and benefits. 

“To the early childhood educators in our province, we see the work you are doing. We appreciate your work with our children,” added Minister Brown. “This wage increase is only a first step in our long-term commitment to working closely with the early childhood sector and the federal government on the sustainability of early childhood education in Prince Edward Island.”

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