PEI Families of Schools Data and Recommendations

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Presentation by Bob Andrews to the Board of Directors on September 27, 2016 at Three Oaks Senior High School

The purpose of  the Review of Schools is to identify schools that are currently or will likely experience substantial challenges in providing quality educational programs and services within the next five years.

Each Review of Schools includes an overview of the nature of the challenges faced by each school in a family arising from: physical issues, program issues, capacity issues, financial issues, and demographic issues.   

One of the following three recommendations has been made to the board for each school:

  1. the status quo at the school be maintained;
  2. the status quo be maintained, but that the situation at the school be monitored; or
  3. a more in-depth study of the school be done, and that options for a Category I and/or Category II Change be explored.

A detail of data used for this review is attached in the appendices.

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