Women and Gender Diverse People's Health Council

The Women and Gender Diverse People’s Health Council will oversee the implementation and monitoring of Prince Edward Island’s five-year Health Strategy for Women and Islanders Who Are Gender Diverse. 

What is the function?

The Council is responsible for the oversight of the implementation, monitoring and reporting of the strategy. Key functions include: ensuring evaluation measures are in place; ongoing engagement with key stakeholders; ensuring the voices of marginalized groups are heard; establishing linkages with other initiatives that will impact the health and wellbeing of women and people who are gender diverse; and regular reporting of progress.

How many people are in the organization?

The Council is composed of representatives of various women and gender-diverse health and wellbeing organizations, as well as two members at large. The Council membership will be no greater than 16 people.

What are the requirements of members of the organization?

Members who are appointed to represent women and gender-diverse health and wellbeing organizations are required to be members in good standing, with the authority to establish and maintain ongoing communication between the Council and the organization.
Anyone can apply to be a member at large on the Council. Preference will be given to people who represent at least one of the following demographics: 

  • Seniors; 
  • Black, Indigenous, People of Colour;
  • Rural;
  •  Children and Youth;
  • People with Disabilities; and/or
  • Immigrants/Refugees. 

Additionally, knowledge of government programs and services related to the social determinants of health, such as health, education, justice and social programs, is considered an asset. Please describe your suitability for involvement with the Council in your Engage PEI application and include your resume, if available.

What are the nomination requirements?

Members appointed by women and gender-diverse health and wellbeing organizations will represent their group’s membership and act as their liaison on the Council. Members at large are selected from applications received through Engage PEI as part of the public engagement and recruitment process for agencies, boards and commissions.

Will I get paid?

Members receive $73 per meeting. The chairperson receives $113 per meeting.

What is the time commitment of the organization?

The Council meets at least four times per year, at the call of the chair. 
Members of the Council will be appointed for terms of up to three years. Members may be eligible for one reappointment.    

How can I apply?

If you would like to serve as a member at large on the Council or any other provincial government agency, board or commission, you can apply online through Engage PEI.

Who can I contact?

Mary Acorn (she/her)
Department of Health and Wellness

General Inquiries

Executive Council Office
5th Floor, Shaw Building
95 Rochford Street
P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

General Inquiries:
Phone: 902-368-4502
Fax: 902-368-6118


Engage PEI Inquiries: 

Visit Engage PEI to learn more about serving as a member of an agency, board or commission (ABC).
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