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Greenwich, Prince Edward Island

Moving On - Transition Plan to Living with COVID-19

Prince Edward Island is moving forward with a step-by-step plan to ease public health measures over the co Moving On - Transition Plan to Living with COVID-19 plan cover ming weeks and months as we transition out of a public health state of emergency and learn to live with COVID-19. This plan was...
people sitting on an outside deck

COVID-19 Public Health Guidance

PEI is in Step 3 of the Moving On Transition Plan to Living with COVID-19 . COVID-19 will remain with us for the foreseeable future. The province has moved from population health measures and restrictions to where individuals assess their own risk based on a number of factors, including their own...

COVID-19 Guidance for Sport and Recreation Settings

Step 3 COVID-19 public health guidance for businesses, organizations and individuals as of April 6, 2022, can be found here ., General sport and rec guidance:, Who would be considered a close contact in a sport and recreation setting?, Information for close contacts can be found here .  During the...

COVID-19 Enforcement

The Chief Public Health Officer is authorized to issue orders under the, Public Health Act, as needed, such as fines to anyone who is not complying with the direction to self-isolate . Read the news release about COVID-19 enforcement . View the Public Health Order for COVID-19 Self-Isolation,...

Moving On - Transition Plan to Living with COVID-19 Publication

COVID-19 in PEI Moving On T R A N S I T I O N P L A N T O L I V I N G W I T H C O V I D - 1 9 C O V I D - 1 9 I N P E I : M O V I N G O N 3 The COVID-19 situation has continued to evolve over the past two years, and PEI’s measures...
student wearing a mask

Back-to-School Guidance FAQ

The following questions and answers are intended to help address some of the questions parents and students may have about the remainder of the school year. The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, Public School Branch and French Language School Board encourage parents and caregivers to...

Outpatient Physician Office COVID-19 Guidelines

Guidance issued by the Chief Public Health Office on the Infection Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Outpatient Office Environments.
Guidelines for the Management of Possible Rabies Exposure in Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island Guidelines for the Outpatient Physician Office - COVID-19 April 2022 COVID-19 Outpatient Office...

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Guideline

`ty Prince Edward Island Guidelines for the Management and Control of COVID-19 June 28, 2022 COVID-19 June 28, 2022 1 Table of Contents Case Definition...

Unlicensed Child Care Centres Guidance

As of May 24 th , 2022, there will no longer be a legal requirement for masks to be worn in unlicensed child care centers. Staff and families should be supported in any decisions to continue to wear masks. Children and staff are no longer required to conduct regular rapid antigen tests prior to...
COVID-19 test kit

Information for people who have tested positive for COVID-19

If you are at higher risk of severe outcomes, you should be tested at a testing clinic to facilitate access to treatment if applicable, People at higher risk of severe outcomes include: Individuals 50 years and over Anyone with underlying medical conditions that lead to high risk of severe outcomes...