Agriculture Research and Innovation Program (ARIP)

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. As of March 31, 2023, applications under the Canada Agricultural Partnership can no longer be accepted.
We are working diligently to finalize programs under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. There will be a further announcement on program details in the near future.

The Agriculture Research and Innovation Program (ARIP) is comprised of four sub-programs that support farm-level research, innovation and adoption projects that can lead increased competitiveness, productivity and profitability of the PEI agriculture industry. Please note: All projects funded through ARIP must include an information and knowledge transfer component. 

Eligible individuals or groups are invited to apply for one of the four sub-programs using the online form below. 

Before completing the online application, please review program and funding criteria in the Agriculture Research and Innovation Program Guidelines.

Am I eligible to apply for ARIP funding?

The following individuals or groups are eligible to apply for funding (with the exceptions as described):

  • Mi’kmaq First Nations and other Indigenous Organizations (Not eligible for Industry Research Coordination Sub-Program); 
  • Agricultural producers (Not eligible for Industry Research Coordination Sub-Program);
  • Agriculture industry organizations, clubs, and associations (Eligible for all four sub-programs);
  • Public, private and academic institutions (Eligible only for Applied Research Sub-Program.); 
  • Groups of agricultural producers (Eligible only for Innovative Technologies Sub-Program and Technology and Science Adoption Sub-Program); and
  • Small-to-medium sized agri-businesses (Eligible for only Applied Research Sub-Program and Innovative Technologies Sub-Program. 
  • Small-to-medium sized agri-processors may apply to Technology and Science Adoption Sub-Program. 
Please note: Only agriculture industry organizations, clubs, and associations may apply to Industry Research Coordination Sub-Program.

What should I know about each sub-program?

The following sub-programs support projects to yield economic benefits to the industry, i.e. conduct short-term applied research, implement leading-edge technology, coordinate industry research, or apply a new best practice, technology or process to improve efficiency. Your project must include an information and knowledge transfer component. 

  1. Applied Research Sub-Program to support short-term, farm-based research to provide data to develop new production methods, fill information gaps and support emerging commodities with high potential. Eligible projects may relate to crop or livestock diversification or commercialization, addressing environmental challenges, pest management, or new clean technologies. 
  2. Innovative Technologies Sub-Program to implement technologies which are leading edge, potentially high-risk and first of their kind in the region, i.e. try a unique project for on-farm diversification or alternate use of product; purchase, develop or demonstrate new, or adapt existing,  equipment or technology for new and innovative use. 
  3. Industry Research Coordination Sub-Program to allow commodity groups and industry organizations to prioritize, coordinate and implement research for their sector, transfer commodity-specific knowledge or strengthen board governance. (Only agriculture industry organizations, clubs, and associations may apply.) 
  4. Technology and Science Adoption Sub-Program to adopt, implement or evaluate best practices, new technologies and processes that will improve efficiency and profitability. Acceptable projects include efficiency and automation assessments, process-improvement adoption or evaluation, and monitoring and sensing technology installation.

 What do I need to complete the online form?

You will be asked to include information as follows:

  • The sub-program to which you are applying  
  • Full identification and contact information 
  • Business and industry information, including CRA registered number
  • Type of applicant (selection list offered i.e. Indigenous group, municipal government, primary producer, research body);
  • Project information including title, start and end date, and total number of weeks proposed
  • Funding amount requested from this fund and any other government sources
  • CAP activity area aligned to your project, i.e. business development, new technology, training and knowledge transfer (selection list offered); 
  • Department goals aligned to your project, i.e. environmental stewardship, local food, public trust (selection list offered); and
  • Detailed project proposal; please upload your proposal or copy and paste into form using the following subject headings:
    • Cover Page - Include the project title, expected start and end date, and your contact information.
    • Executive Summary - Provide a brief summary of the project.
    • Project Objectives - Describe the issue your project will address and the project's final objectives.
    • Timeline - Identify the project's timeline and activities (including submission of the project's final report). Include the activity's description, any person(s) or organizations associated with the activity and the activity's start and end date. (Start and end date also included in the cover page)
    • Results - State the expected commercial and/or economic benefits of your proposed project. Also, note if there are positive environmental impacts expected because of this project.
    • Program Outcome - Describe how your project will positively contribute to this specific outcome of expanding domestic and international markets.
    • Budget - Identify total project costs and funding requested from the program.
    • Evaluation – Explain how you will measure whether the project investments and activities achieved the objective of this project, how you will measure progress made toward achieving the project objective, and how you will communicate the evaluation results.
    • Communication of Support - Describe how you intend to recognize the support of the Department of Agriculture and Land in project communication material.
  • Demographic profile information is optional. You must agree to disclaimers and privacy statements.

How long will it take to complete this application?

Please collect all your information before beginning your application. Your progress on this form cannot be saved; therefore you must complete the entire application and submit in one sitting.

For more information contact:

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The Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) is a five-year, $3-billion commitment by Canada's federal, provincial and territorial governments that supports Canada's agri-food and agri-products sectors. This includes a $2 billion commitment that is cost-shared 60 per cent federally and 40 per cent provincially/territorially for programs that are designed and delivered by provinces and territories.

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