Apply for Festivals and Events Funding and Submit Evaluation Form

Your not-for-profit association may be eligible for provincial funding to assist with the costs to organize and promote a festival or event. The Tourism PEI Festivals and Events Fund helps offset marketing and promotion costs and other eligible expenses for special events and activities that attract visitors to Island communities.

Applications will be accepted online until March 1st or until funding is depleted. 

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Any application received after the deadline will be considered if unallocated funds remain.

Is my event eligible for funding?

This fund is intended for well-organized, widely promoted activities that are attractive to visitors and exhibit potential for self-sufficiency. The event must be operated by a non-profit community group or organization and have financial support from the private sector and community as well as the support of the regional tourism association. Other factors considered in assessing your application include:

  • Location and timing of the event (dates and duration)
  • Presentation of new, unique or innovative themes or ideas
  • Marketing plan
  • Off-Island attendance
  • Financial need
  • Level of private sector and community support
  • Previous support from government

NOTE: Cultural, music festivals and private-sector events are not eligible for funding under this program but may be eligible for Cultural Tourism Festival and Event funding

What level of funding is available?

Funding is allocated according to activity size and the number of visitors anticipated, as follows:

  • $2,500 for over 3,000 visitors
  • $2,000 for over 2,000 visitors
  • $1,500 for over 1,500 visitors
  • $1,000 for up to 1,000 visitors

What do I need to complete the application form?

You will be asked to provide detailed information about the following:

  • the non-profit organizing committee including its executive members and contact information
  • the event you are undertaking, including:
    • name, location, dates, and number of years the event has been operating
    • type of event, e.g. sport competition, entertainment, educational, unique theme;
    • goal(s) for the event (i.e. attract off-Island visitors, increase awareness) and how you will achieve the goal(s);
    • description of the program with schedule of events, highlighting new activities this year;
    • proposed promotion/ advertising plan (on-Island and off-Island);
    • estimated attendance (local residents and tourists);
  • Financial information including:
    • amount of funds requested
    • budget with proposed revenue and expenses (including all funding resources and requests) and total amount requested from this program
    • corporate sponsorship, community financial support and other funding sources, i.e. other government grants
  • Tourism industry acknowledgment (i.e. regional tourism association membership or support)

You must include the Tourism PEI logo on all promotional materials. Samples of advertising, social media, media releases and media clippings, posters, flyers, etc. may be requested.

What is the process for allocating funds?

You will be notified prior to your event if your application is approved. Payment will be issued when the event is over and your reporting documents have been reviewed. Use the online program evaluation (below) to report specific details about your event and upload both your event marketing plan and a report of actual revenue and expenses (budget).

To receive funding, submit the program evaluation with required documents within 45 days of your festival or event or by March 31st, whichever occurs first.

Special instructions

To ensure program information from your application and evaluation forms is properly aligned, you are advised to print your completed online application form before pressing submit. The option to print is offered when you click to preview your completed form.

Alternatively, you may download and complete the PDF form versus the online form.

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