Apply for Regular Educational Assistant Authorization

School authorities employ educational assistants to work under the supervision of a certified teacher to help implement students’ individual education plans and/or behaviour management plans of students with special needs.

You must hold a valid Educational Assistant Authorization to be hired by a school board to work as an educational assistant (EA2) or as a substitute only educational assistant (EA1) in a PEI school. Authorizations are issued through the Certification and Standards Section of the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. You must apply to the school authority(authorities) where you wish to work once you have your authorization.

What do I need to apply for a Regular Educational Assistant Authorization?

The following documentation is required to complete the online application:

  • proof of identity such as a copy of your birth certificate or passport;
  • proof of completion of high school or high school equivalency such as a diploma or transcript;
  • proof of completion of a two-year post-secondary training program in the education of persons with special needs such as an official transcript sent directly from the post-secondary institution to the Registrar;
  • a description of the program and courses from the post-secondary institution where you completed your training program;
  • official transcripts from post-secondary institutions where you have completed additional course work, if applicable; and
  • payment of the $50 evaluation fee

Non-Canadian citizens must submit proof of eligibility to work in Canada, such as a work visa.

Holders of a Regular Educational Assistant Authorization (EA2) are eligible to accept contract positions and need only apply one time for the authorization. If your application for Regular EA Authorization is denied, you can apply for a Substitute Only EA Authorization, which will permit you to accept day-to-day assignments.  You will also be eligible for a $25 refund.

Is it necessary to translate my documents?

You must submit original documents in the language in which they were issued. If documents are written in a language other than English or French, you must submit an official translation by an accredited translator along with the original document.

Is there a language proficiency requirement to work in PEI schools?

You must be able to communicate effectively in English or French to work in Prince Edward Island schools.  Results of a language proficiency test may be requested by the school board.

Is there a fee to process my credentials?

The fee is $50 to evaluate credentials for a Regular Educational Assistant Authorization. This is a one-time fee submitted with your application form.

Fees are non-refundable unless you withdraw your application, processing is unnecessarily delayed, or you choose to re-apply for substitute EA authorization.

How long will it take to process my application?

Please allow three (3) weeks from the date you submit all required documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Do I need to renew my Educational Assistant Authorization?

You do not need to renew your Regular EA Authorization. However, you do need to contact the school board each school year to indicate your eligibility to work.

You can renew your Substitute Only EA Authorization annually online. 

Payment Options

The Province of PEI accepts payment for this service online using VISA, MasterCard and Interac Online.

Visit the Interac Online website to see if your bank participates.

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