Apply to Enter PEI as a Seasonal Resident

Non-Canadian Residents - To limit the spread of Covid-19, the Government of Canada is limiting non-essential travel to Canada by foreign nationals.  You should consult the Government of Canada website to determine if you are permitted entry to Canada  If your sole connection to Canada is ownership of a seasonal property, you will not be granted entry to Canada at this point in time.  In addition to restricting travel, the Government of Canada has implemented at the traveler expense COVID-19 testing at all border points and quarantine for 3 to 14 days at the point of entry for non-essential air travelers. Other restrictions may apply and measures are subject to change - visit the federal website for the most up to date information on entering the country. If you are not a resident of Canada but belong to a category of traveler permitted to travel in to Canada, you may apply for Prince Edward Island pre-travel approval.  
At both the Federal and Provincial levels, at this time vaccination status does not reduce mandatory isolation measures. 

Non-residents, including seasonal property owners, must apply in advance to travel to PEI and should not make travel plans before receiving pre-travel approval.  Proof of approval is required at a PEI border.

Residents of Atlantic provinces (PEI, NB, NS,NL) have to check for any current rules and restrictions within the Atlantic travel bubble.

Seasonal property owners  as well as members of their household and family* are eligible to apply to enter PEI. Applicants from the same household who plan to travel to PEI at separate times or in separate vehicles must complete a separate application, and if approved; they will each require a letter of approval when they arrive at their entry point. Seasonal property owners and their families who are entering PEI must download and sign the relevant declaration form to present when they enter PEI.
The seasonal property owner does not have to be present at the seasonal property in order for family to travel to the property. During the 14 day self isolation period, the seasonal property must be the self isolation location for family.
* Family is defined as the seasonal property owners spouse, common law partner, child, stepchild, ward, parent, step-parent, guardian, foster parent, person standing in place of a parent (in loco parentis), grandchild, great grandchild, brother, sister, grandparent, great grandparent, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.
NOTE: All travellers are advised to delay making travel arrangements until an approval letter is provided. Anyone arriving at any point of entry without the approval letter will be denied entry to Prince Edward Island.

For the application to be considered, all travellers entering PEI must comply with the Public Health Order on Travel Restrictions and Screening and respect the following conditions which allow only those travellers to enter the province who:

  • Do NOT have symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19;
  • Are NOT in close contact with someone with symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19;
  • Are NOT subject to a federal, provincial or local public health order requiring them to remain in isolation;
  • Agree to comply with the Public Health Order to begin 14 days of self-isolation immediately upon entering PEI;
  • If arriving in PEI from outside of the Maritime provinces (outside of NS and NB), agree to have up to two family members be tested on days 0-1, 4-6, and 9-11 following arrival to PEI, per family group arriving and isolating together who are not already being tested by the province of PEI; information on how to get a COVID-19 test is available online, and
  • Are pre-approved for entry in accordance with an entry schedule approved by the Chief Public Health Officer. 

The online application form and supporting documentation requires information including the following:

  • Travel details: to help simplify the process at your point of entry – including mode of travel, arrival and departure dates with estimated time of entry, point of entry, the number of travellers in your vehicle and identifying information for each individual traveling with you;
  • Validation documentation: to support your reason for entry to PEI:
    • For seasonal residents, proof of seasonal property ownership is required. To prove ownership, upload proof of insurance confirming owner's name and the address of residential dwelling – fixed roof structure such as cottage or mobile home;
    • For essential travel or consideration for exceptional or compassionate circumstances, required support documents are outlined in Travel Approval Process.
  • Health and travel declaration: to disclose if you have travelled in the past 14 days or if you have any of the listed symptoms; 
  • Self-isolation plan: to show you have a pre-arranged plan and agree to comply with it; See COVID-19 Self-Isolation.
  • Self-isolation accommodation: to explain where you will isolate for 14 days: 
    • Private residence (seasonal): Requires signed declaration or third-party confirmation by letter or receipt that your property is open and isolation ready before you arrive. Download, print and sign the PEI Property Opening Plan Template;
    • Seasonal resident family connection: The seasonal resident who is requesting consent for family to travel to and reside at the seasonal residence is required to sign a Seasonal Resident Family Connection Declaration Form;
    • With family or friends: Requires detailed information about the accommodation, its residents during your isolation period, and a signed declaration from your PEI host accepting responsibility that the entire household may need to self-isolate with you. Download, print and have the host sign the PEI Resident Support Self-Declaration Form;  
    • At a commercial (rental) accommodation (hotel): Requires reservation confirmation and a clear description of how you will isolate from others. 
  • Local support person during self-isolation: to provide the name and contact information of the individual(s) you have pre-arranged to support you while you are self-isolate.
  • Other supporting information as required. 

You will be contacted when a decision has been made on your application. Due to the high volume of requests and thorough review process, delays can be expected. Do not make travel plans until you receive a travel approval. 

Tips for a successful online submission:
1. Any section of the online form marked with * is a required field and must be completed.
2. Applications with inaccurate information or incomplete documentation will not be processed.
3. Application requirements vary based on your selections. 
4. It may take additional time to upload a file.
5. Resize files larger than 1 MB before uploading. (See resizing photos for online applications.)
6. Keep a record of your Submission ID (example: 34123). 

Please note: All requests for approval must be submitted through the online application available below. 

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