Apply to the Youth Futures Council

What is the Youth Futures Council?

Recognizing that young Islanders want to be engaged and involved in decisions that affect them, the Youth Futures Council is a province-wide youth advisory body that will work to help focus policy and programs in a manner that best services the interests of young Islanders. 

What will the Youth Futures Council do?

The Youth Futures Council will advise the Premier and Ministers on ways to enhance programs, policies, strategies and resources for youth.

In addition, council members will:

  • Provide input and advice on issues relating to, and affecting, young Islanders
  • Lead community engagement activities that will offer opportunities for a broad range of youth voices to have input into government decision-making
  • Serve as a sounding board for departments during preliminary policy development
  • Engage  youth in current and developing government processes, frameworks, and consultations; and
  • Assist in youth retention strategies.

Who can be appointed to the Youth Futures Council?

The Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning is seeking 12-15 individuals who are:

  • 16-29 years of age 
  • Passionate about creating better opportunities for young Islanders or are engaged within their communities
  • Diverse in respect to perspectives and life experiences
  • Committed to either a one-year term or two-year term

How do I apply?

The application can only be filled out online.  Young Islanders interested in applying can fill out an application online by clicking the link below.

For more information, visit the YPEI website or contact 

Workforce and Advanced Learning

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