Child Protection Act Review

The Child Protection Act (CPA) is a piece of legislation that provides broad direction or rules about what can be done regarding Child Protection in Prince Edward Island. The CPA Regulations further guide how the Act is applied in practice. For example, the CPA provides broad direction that the Act is to be reviewed every five years by an Advisory Committee, while the CPA Regulations provide additional information as to who may be considered for the Committee. 

The current CPA can be found here, and the current CPA Regulations can be found here.

What services and/or programs are provided under the CPA

There are many programs and/or services that the CPA allows Child Protection Services to provide. Examples of these programs and/or services include but are not limited to: 

  • Screening and Assessment 
  • Investigation
  • Focused Intervention
  • Child in Care team (e.g. Foster Care, Residential Services) 
  • Disclosure Requests  
  • Extended Services
  • Alternative Care Provider Program

If you have any questions regarding services or programs that are provided under the CPA, please email or call 1-844-444-7771.

What is the purpose of the CPA Review?

The purpose of the CPA Review project is to review the requirements of the Act and the services provided under the Act, and to determine what is working well and what could be improved. This is explained in more detail in Section 58 of the CPA.

The previous CPA Review can be found here.

Why is the CPA Review being completed?

A review of the CPA must be completed every five years. The last CPA Review Advisory Committee was formed in 2015, so a new Advisory Committee was formed in order to complete a new review in 2021.

Can anyone provide feedback for the CPA Review project?

Yes, any Islander can provide feedback for the CPA Review project. We especially encourage Islanders who have experience with our Act, services and/or programs to participate.

It is beneficial that Islanders provide their feedback to the CPA Review so that we can ensure the Review reflects the wishes and needs of Islanders, in relation to the CPA and Child Protection services and programs.

How can feedback for the CPA Review be submitted?

Given COVID-19, we are asking that feedback be submitted electronically. You can submit your feedback by completing the fillable form at the bottom of the page (by clicking the "submit your comments button").

You may also submit your feedback by email ( or by mail to:

CPA Review
Department of Social Development and Housing
Jones Building
11 Kent Street,
Charlottetown PE,  C1A 7N8

Feedback that is provided in this manner will not be opened, and will be directly forwarded to the third party facilitator. If you prefer to provide your feedback by email or mail, please click here to see the guiding questions that you should consider responding to.

If you require another way to provide your feedback (e.g. 1 on 1 phone call, 1 on 1 video call, French translation) please email or call 1-844-444-7771 to arrange an alternative option.

Is there a deadline to submit my feedback?

Yes, all feedback is required by the end of the day (5pm) on April 14, 2021.

Will there be any in person engagement sessions that I can attend to provide my feedback for the CPA Review?

Yes, there are in-person engagement sessions scheduled to allow Islanders to provide their feedback in person. These sessions will be delivered across the province, and include:

  • Tuesday, March 30th from 6:00pm to 730pm at the Delta Hotel in Charlottetown
  • Thursday, April 1st from 6:00pm to 730pm at Mill River Resort in Mill River
  • Thursday, April 8th from 6:00pm to 730pm at King's Playhouse in Georgetown

With public health restrictions in place (e.g. social distancing, mask wearing, contact tracing), each venue holds approximately 40 people.

For anyone planning to attend an in-person engagement session, it is requested that you confirm your attendance at least 24 hours prior to the session. You can RSVP by emailing or calling 1-844-444-7771.

What kind of questions will be asked as part of the CPA Review?

You will be asked generic questions about what works well and areas of improvement related to the CPA and its related programs and services.

There will also be an opportunity to identify how the CPA can better align with the Act respecting First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children, youth and families. A summary of this federal Act can be found here, and a link to the full Act can be found here

Are the responses that are provided anonymous?

Yes, your responses will remain anonymous to the CPA Review Advisory Committee. If you choose to provide it, your identifying information (such as your name or address) will be collected by a third party facilitator, and they will remove it from your feedback prior to being reviewed by the CPA Review Advisory Committee.

What will my responses be used for?

The responses that you provide will be used to form recommendations for changes to the CPA and/or related services, and will be included in a 2021 CPA Review Report. The recommendations that are included in the 2021 CPA Review Report will be used in the future to help update the CPA.

When will the final CPA Review be published?

It is expected that the CPA Review will be made available by July 15, 2021.

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