Community Celebration Fund

Your non-profit organization may be eligible for up to $2,500 to assist with costs to present your festival or event. The application period is January 8th, 2024 at noon to March 4th, 2024 at 4pm.

Is our event eligible for this funding?

Any activity that attracts residents and/or visitors and provides them opportunities to experience Prince Edward Island’s heritage, culture, and cuisine may be eligible for financial assistance through this program. 

Applications will be received from a registered non-profit organization supported by an identified executive committee. Private sector events are not eligible for investment support under this fund.

What do we need in order to apply for funding?

Your application must clearly demonstrate that your proposed activity addresses the following key objectives:

  • is well organized and widely marketed; 
  • reflects a unique PEI or culturally diverse experience; 
  • aligns with the priorities of the PEI Culture Action Plan; 
  • meets the insurance requirements outlined in the funding agreement; and 
  • is environmentally sensitive.

In addition, the application screening committee may consider the following factors:

  • time of year, location and duration of the event 
  • new development idea or unique theme 
  • financial need 
  • level of private sector support 
  • level of past government support 
  • estimated attendance 
  • marketing plans

Your application must also include:

  • a pre-established budget including proposed revenues and expenses with all funding resources and requests;  
  • financial statements of the event from previous year(s); and 
  • sponsorship and marketing plans. 
  • a fully completed application form

Only two applications per organization will be accepted per fiscal year. Applications will be accepted for only one departmentally funded program for each project.

When will funds be disbursed?

  • Once your project is approved, all required supporting documents are submitted and the funding agreement is signed, 80 per cent of funds will be issued.
  • The final 20 per cent will be released upon receipt of final invoice and the approval of the final reporting documents, due before March 31st.
  • Innovation PEI reserves the right to deny a grant application or request for payment if it suspects or detects fraudulent intent.

When reporting documents are required?

Upon completion of your festival/event please submit the following reporting documents before March 31st:

  • written evaluation of your project;
  • a copy of your budget vs actual spreadsheet that includes all sources of revenues and expenses; and
  • samples of marketing materials, i.e. press releases, copy of posters, flyers, etc.

Successful applicants will be provided with a template for completing the final report.

Please note: Organizations approved for funding must use Innovation PEI logo on all promotional materials involving the event or festival.

How long will it take to complete this online funding application?

If you have all supporting documents ready, you can complete this application in less than one hour.

How do we apply for funding?

Click the Apply Now button to apply online.

Who do I contact with questions?

Éliane Laberge
Bilingual Cultural Development Officer
Phone: 902-916-1854
Innovation PEI
94 Euston Street, Charlottetown

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