Do Your Own Energy Audit Online

Discover how you can reduce your building's energy use - and your energy bill - with the new MyEnergyXpert tool. efficiencyPEI has been working with Canadian company energyX Solutions to bring this platform to Islanders. With MyEnergyXpert, you can receive quick recommendations for lowering your energy bill, free of charge. 

How does it work?

  1. Answer some questions about your home or business. MyEnergyXpert will help you create a profile and guide you through simple questions to identify improvement opportunities in your building.
  2. Get results and save! Improvements are automatically recommended while you answer questions. Simply click on a recommendation to start taking action! 
  3. You'll be connected to programs and rebates that you may be eligible for through efficiencyPEI.  

Will you ever charge for the myEnergyXpert audit?

No. PEI is the first Province to provide this service to it's residents - free of charge!  

Do I need to be an expert to answer the questions?

No expertise is required - MyEnergyXpert is designed to be simple enough for anyone to complete on their own in just a few minutes.   

What information do I need to collect prior to starting MyEnergyXpert? Do I need my old utility bills?

Most people are able to complete MyEnergyXpert without any additional information, so there is no need to dig up your last utility bill. The platform can estimate your energy usage when needed, and you can always update the information later if you like.

I’m only interested in certain types of improvements, do I have to answer all of the questions?

You can skip any questions that don’t apply to you or that you simply aren’t interested in. There are no penalties for skipping questions except for missing out on improvement opportunities you might not have considered.

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