Early Years Centre Grant for New Spaces

Designated Early Years Centers are invited to apply for funding to support additional infant and pre-school spaces.
To apply, please download and submit a completed PDF form (in person, by mail, email or fax) or apply online (below) before October 15, 2018 @ 4:00 p.m. (AST). 
In addition, capital funding to assist with the cost of expansion, renovation or new equipment purchases associated with increasing spaces is available through the Early Childhood Centre Capital Grant. 

Is my early childhood centre eligible for EYC funding?

Only designated early years centres are invited to apply for additional spaces funding. To be eligible, the applicant must demonstrate the centre has the capacity to transition the additional infants, as they age, into their preschool programming and physical environment required to meet or exceed all requirements.

Will the additional spaces automatically be licensed?

The funding and licensing processes are separate. When you apply for additional spaces, the next step will be for your Centre to submit an Apply to modify your Early Learning and Child Care Centre’s Licence to the Early Learning and Childcare Board in order to increase the number of licensed spaces. 

What do I need to complete the online application?

You will be asked to enter or upload information as follows: 

  • Business name and contact information;
  • EYC licence number;
  • Type of Centre; 
  • Current and proposed infant and preschool spaces including:
    • Number on waiting list
    • Number of proposed new spaces
    • Total Number of spaces (current and proposed);
  • Certification level and wage rate for each new position to be created to accommodate increased spaces;
  • Uploaded documentation as follows:
    • Recruitment plan for your centre
    • Current floor plan for your centre and, if applicable, an updated floor plan ; 
    • Information to demonstrate sufficient demand for additional EYC spaces in the community your centre serves, i.e. wait list from the Early Learning and Child Care Registry and community information; 
    • Plan for continuity of care which clearly outlines proposed steps to transition the new infants to preschool programming as they age; 
    • Any additional information which may support your application.
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