File a Municipal Bylaw

This is an online submission form for municipalities to file their bylaws with the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  A municipality can file multiple bylaws in one submission. 

Planning Bylaws can not be submitted through this online submission form.  This submission form is only for non-planning bylaws. 

Who submits municipal bylaws?

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) submits bylaws to the Minister on behalf of the municipality.  The CAO or a designate should complete this submission.   

When does a bylaw have to be filed?

A bylaw must be filed after it has been adopted by Council.  A bylaw must be read and approved at two separate council meetings held on different days before it can be adopted.   

What do I need to file a submission?

You will require an electronic version of the bylaw you are filing.  You must ensure that:

  • the bylaw is certified as a true copy by the CAO
  • the bylaw has been signed by the Mayor and the CAO
  • the signatures on the bylaw are sealed with the municipal corporate seal, and
  • the municipal seal has been shaded (by pencil or graphite) so that it can be observed on the bylaw.  

Does the Province maintain a registry of municipal bylaws? 

The Province does keeps track of all municipal bylaws that are filed, but this is not a municipal registry of bylaws.  Under the Municipal Government Act, municipalities are required  to keep their own indexed register of the certified copies of all their bylaws.  Contact the municipality if you have a question about a specific municipal bylaw. 

Where do I send planning bylaws?

Planning bylaws must be sent to the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment for approval, via Municipal Affairs.  The address is located in the general inquiries section.  

How long will it take to complete this submission?

The submission process will take 5-10 minutes to complete depending on the number of bylaws you are submitting.

What happens after I complete the submission?

Once the bylaw has been filed by Municipal Affairs staff, you will be emailed a scanned copy of the bylaw with the acknowledgement that the bylaw has been filed.  A letter from Municipal Affairs will be sent to the municipality by mail stating that the bylaw was received. 


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