Find Stream Flow Information

Stream flow data is available for a number of streams across the province.  Stream flow data can be accessed from June through September, and is also available for download.

What is this data used for?

Those who hold a Water Withdrawal Permit for irrigation purposes can use a dashboard within the PEI Water Registry to confirm the water flow in Island streams, and to determine whether they may legally draw water for irrigation purposes. This information is also made available for members of the public who have an interest in stream flows in the province

Instructions for Permit Holders

The dashboard will show two lines on the displayed graph for the specific stream selected. The blue line represents the water flow of the stream, while the red line represents the maintenance flow. If the current water flow displayed on the graph is below the red line, no irrigation from the stream is permitted.

How do I access the data?

You can access the data directly at: PEI Water Registry - Seasonal Stream Flow Monitoring Dashboard. Users can select a specific site from a list of streams listed and the map will display the last 60 days of data. Data is normally available from June to October annually.

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