Moving towards Digital Services

The PEI Government is committed to digital services that will benefit Islanders, businesses, and government. As PEI moves toward digital services:

  • Islanders are accessing more of the services they need when, where, and however they choose;
  • Businesses are renewing permits and licenses more efficiently; and
  • Government is delivering services more efficiently and more effectively for Islanders.

What can I expect from a digital government?

The long-term vision is to provide streamlined digital services that will allow each Island resident to access any service from one account. The design will be intuitive, easy to use, - accessible to all types of users, responsive to mobile devices, all while being protected, private and secure.

How long will it take to have my services available online?

The process of digital service delivery is well underway. It is possible to register your motor vehicle, apply to the generic drug program and apply for several permits from wherever you are and at any time of the day or night. 

Many of these services offer you a digital option to submit information to government programs or pay for government services. We plan to offer you more. 

As we evolve to offer you more services online, we'll make sure that we match the level of authentication and security to the privacy of the information provided. Some services will require more security than others. To renew your health card, we would need to validate your address and ask you to also provide information that only you are likely to know to check it against our records. If all of the information is the same, we'll issue your health card. For services that access your health records, they will require a higher level of security and will need a higher level of authentication. 

Watch for new digital services here: Online Services 

How will I be protected from online fraud? 

Cyber safety is a key priority. Digital security experts and highly trained technology programmers from both government and private sector are working together to create strict data-sharing policies and develop innovative programs that will protect your identity and secure your information.

Please let us know what new services you want to be able to access online. We'll do our best to make that happen. 

What if I don’t want my service online?

Government is committed to delivering appropriate, client-centred services that are easy to access and meet the needs of those who need them. Digital is just one more way to provide services to Islanders.  Government will continue to provide services the way Islanders want to receive them, both online and offline.


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