Mussel Monitoring Results

The Mussel Monitoring Program (MMP) is a service provided to cultured mussel growers and processors by the Department of Fisheries and Communities. The MMP has operated annually since 1982 during the ice free season providing mussel growers with a variety of information to assist them in the management of their operations.

What information is collected for mussel growers and processors?

The MMP focuses primarily on

  • mussel spatfall prediction,
  • mussel meat yield analysis,
  • water temperature evaluation,
  • the detection and estimation of the numbers of potentially toxic algae species, and
  • the monitoring of predators and fouling organisms.

The program also provides mussel processing plants with information such as mussel meat quality at harvest which assists the processor in providing the consumer with a quality product.

How do I receive the weekly mussel spat survey results?

Select the blue button below to view Mussel Spat Survey weekly results.

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