PEI - 2 Billion Trees Landowner Application

The PEI government is offering to plant trees for private landowners through the PEI - 2 Billion Trees program (2BT). Trees may be planted on private land, retired farmland, and small parcels of land near streams and rivers across PEI. Landowners interested in having trees planted on their property may register their request with the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division beginning this year. PEI-2BT applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. 

How do I request planting on my property?  

The online application available below offers three options under the PEI-2BT program: one for private landowners with hurricane damaged forests, one for owners of agriculture land and one for private land in or near a buffer zone.

Private Landowners    

Planting on personal land greater than 2.5 acres. 2BT funding covers all planting and seedling costs. 

Planting on forested land damaged by Hurricane Fiona, Where appropriate. A pre-planting management plan is required. Please note that species available through the PEI-2BT may not be appropriate for all planting sites. 

Additional forest management services are also available through the Forest Enhancement Program.

Agriculture Landowner

Planting a selected mix of native trees on abandoned or marginal farmland can add significant environmental value to the property. PEI-2BT funding covers all planting and seedling costs. Priority areas include: 

  • Minimum 2.5 acers (1 hectare)
  • High-sloped fields
  • Sites with sensitive soils
  • Watershed areas with reduced forest cover

A one-time payment of $650.00 per hectare is available to owners wishing to convert retired agriculture land into forests.  Additional forest management services are also available through the Forest Enhancement Program

Watershed (Watershed Areas and Smaller Sites)

Planting on personal land less than 2.5 acres (or space for less than 300 trees planted minimum two meters apart) and in riparian areas. PEI-2BT funding covers all planting and seedling costs. Priority planting areas include: 

  • Riparian areas
  • Wildlife corridors

Landscape or backyard tree planting is not eligible for this program.

Owners of small parcels of land especially those with riparian area are encouraged to apply to PEI-2BT to increase forest cover and connection pathways.

What do I need to complete the online application?

You will be asked to provide information as follows:

  • Current contact information (landowner requesting planting)
  • Name and phone number for the registered property owner (if different from the applicant)
  • Property ID (PID) for each site to be planted
  • Checked boxes indicating your agreement to disclaimer and privacy statements.

How long will it take to process my application?

You will be contacted within 4-6 weeks of submitting your application. 

Seedlings are currently being grown for future planting season. For program information, contact the PEI-2BT program coordinator or 902-916-1785.

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