PEI Broadband Fund Residential Pilot

The PEI Broadband Fund (PEIBF) Residential Pilot provides financial assistance for Prince Edward Island residents to have an internet service provider complete work that will allow the resident to receive wireless internet service or improved wireless internet service at their primary residence.

Approved applicants will receive financial assistance of 100% of the eligible project costs, to a maximum value of $5,000 per household.  

Where the cost is more than $500, applications must be submitted and receive approval from Innovation PEI prior to the start of work on the project; any expenses incurred before the submission and approval of an application are ineligible.

Where the cost is $500 or less, applications may be submitted after completion of the project and must be submitted prior to the PEIBF Residential Pilot closing date of March 31, 2021.

Who is eligible for funding?

You may be eligible if you are a full-time Prince Edward Island resident and want to upgrade wireless internet service to your  primary residence that is in a geographical area where either:

  • the only available service is DSL with low speeds; or 
  • broadband service exists, but is unavailable at your residence due to obstruction of the signal; or 
  • no internet service is available

What activities are supported through this program?

The PEIBF Residential Pilot may provide financial assistance for costs that are directly related to work completed by an internet service provider to improve wireless internet service speed or provide wireless internet service at a previously un-serviced primary residence.  

Eligible project costs are limited to:

  • Equipment required to improve wireless internet service speed to the residence, including antennas, tripods, hydra poles, and towers, 
  • Installation of the required equipment by qualified operators, and
  • Taxes that the resident is not eligible to have refunded.  

Any permit requirements are the sole responsibility of the applicant or contractor.

What activities are NOT supported through this program? 

  • The running of fiber to a residence.
  • Standard costs for a new customer premises connection, including connection fee, router, or modem.
  •  Any leased equipment. 
  • Expenses incurred before August 25, 2020.
  • Expenses incurred prior to application, if the cost is more than $500.
  • Work related to providing internet service at a non-primary residence or non-residential location.
  • Other items deemed not reasonably related to improving internet speed to the residence.
  • Any portion of the cost of an asset that, in the opinion of Innovation PEI, exceeds the fair market value of the asset.

What level of assistance is available? 

Approved applicants will receive financial assistance of 100% of the eligible project costs, to a maximum of $5,000 per household.

What process will be followed to assess the applications?

The PEIBF Residential Pilot is administered by Innovation PEI on behalf of the Province of Prince Edward Island.  There is no administration or application fee charged to applicants.  Approved projects will receive confirmation of program eligibility in writing. 

Residents will submit the civic location, current internet service level, and the proposed new wireless internet service level. 

All applications will be evaluated on the provision of the information requested, including completeness and suitability of the information, and will be assessed on factors including:

  • Incremental broadband improvement and quality of the proposed wireless service; 
  • Eligibility of the applicant, civic address and proposed work; and
  • Availability of PEIBF Residential Pilot budget.

How do I apply?

  • Online applications are recommended.  
  • A printable application form is available by request to  
  • A hardcopy of the application can be mailed by request, by calling 902-620-3974.

What do I need to apply for this service?

To complete the application, you will need:

If the cost is $500 or less:

  • Your contact information, including the civic address of your primary residence;  and
  • An invoice from the internet service provider, and either 
    • if the resident has paid the invoice:  proof of payment and your banking information, including a copy of a void cheque,; OR 
    • if the resident has not paid the invoice: a request for payment directly to the internet service provider.

 If the cost is more than $500

  • Your contact information, including the civic address of your primary residence;  and
  • A quote from an internet service provider for the proposed work.

When is the deadline for applications? 

All applications must be received by Innovation PEI  no later than March 31, 2021, subject to budget availability.

Once your project is approved and completed (over $500), the request for payment must be made no later than June 30, 2021.

What are the terms and conditions of the application and funding? 

View the full terms and conditions.

Do you have questions? 

You can view our frequently asked questions or fill out our online inquiry form here.

This information is provided for information purposes, and is not comprehensive and reflective of all Innovation PEI policies.