Provincial Sustainable Transportation Strategy

Transportation is vital to our everyday life on Prince Edward Island. It gets us to where we work, play, shop, and carry out countless other activities.  Not only do we rely on transportation for personal reasons, but we also rely on transportation for economic and industrial reasons such as supply and distribution of goods and services, and tourism.

The Province of Prince Edward Island is developing a 'provincial sustainable transportation strategy' that will shape our future transportation needs. We are now seeking Public input to help develop the strategy.

What does sustainable transportation mean?

For the purposes of the strategy, sustainable transportation refers to a transportation system that meets the transportation needs of individuals, is affordable, efficient, adaptable to the future, and limits greenhouse gas (GHG) and waste. Sustainable transportation includes the following:

  • walking, biking, carpooling, and public and community transit;
  • cleaner and more efficient vehicle technologies; and
  • community planning and design.

Why does PEI need a sustainable transportation strategy?

Transportation accounts for 48% of our provincial GHG emissions. A sustainable transportation strategy will provide actions we can take to lower our GHG emissions. In addition to reducing emissions, proposed actions will also increase transit options, develop healthier transportation options, and change the way we think about our communities. 

The development of a sustainable transportation strategy was one of the recommendations brought forward in the 2016/2017 Provincial Energy Strategy. A sustainable transportation strategy will also help achieve Climate Change Action Plan - Action #11: to develop initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable transportation system.

What will be in the strategy?

We have identified four topic areas for the strategy:

  • public and community transit;
  • vehicles and transportation;
  • active transportation; and
  • community design and infrastructure.

How can I participate in the strategy?

The online questionnaire closed on December 18, 2018.  A summary of the public input is available for download.

How will input be used?

The ideas and feedback of individuals, families and communities gathered during the public input process will guide the development of the action plan.


If you have questions about the questionnaire, contact the PEI Climate Change Secretariat:

Phone: (902) 368-4686

Personal information is collected by this survey under section 31(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of researching public interest and feedback in sustainable transportation and systems for PEI. Questions about the collection or use of this information can be referred to Sean Ledgerwood, PEI Climate Change Secretariat at (902) 368-4686 or
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