Public Disclosure of Expenses

All senior officials of the Government of PEI must publicly disclose any travel, hospitality, meals, meetings, and conference expenses they incur while advancing the business and priorities of the Government of Prince Edward Island.  

Ministers, deputy ministers, CEOs, senior advisors, political staff, and any senior officials designated by Executive Council must submit an expense report monthly for any transaction entered in the financial system. 

These reports are posted online fifteen business days after the end of each month. Click the button below to access Public Disclosure Expense Reports. Please note when viewing reports that a date that is not clickable is an indicator that there was no activity during the reporting period and a blank cell is an indicator that the report is not available to publish yet.  

Over time through re-organizations government departments can change. Reports that were published under department/boards that are no longer active are still available as Public Disclosure Expense Reports –Inactive.

Prior to April 1, 2015, only cabinet ministers were required to disclose expenditures, which were posted quarterly. These reports are available as Historical Ministers Disclosures. 

What if expenses do not appear in the report?

Expenses are disclosed in the period that they are posted to the financial system which may be different than the actual event date. If no expenses are disclosed, it may indicate there was no expense activity during the reporting period or the incurred expenses were not yet available to publish.

What are Reimbursements?

On occasion, a person covered by this policy is required to travel out of province on behalf of an organization which pays for all or a portion of the costs. The initial expenses are disclosed. When the Government of Prince Edward Island is reimbursed, the reimbursement is disclosed and referenced to the initial cost.

What do the different categories mean?

  • Internal Government Meeting Expenses - Costs associated with working luncheon or dinner meetings with internal provincial government employees
  • Meetings and External Training Sessions - Costs associated with meetings, training sessions, curriculum, and public meetings for parties external to government
  • Hospitality & Hosted Conferences  - Costs associated with hospitality and the hosting of conferences
  • In Province Mileage - In Province mileage costs based on cost per kilometre established in Treasury Board Policy
  • Non-Government Owned Vehicle Operating Costs - Rental Costs, gasoline, motor oil, repairs and maintenance, insurance for all non government owned vehicles
  • Conference / Workshop Registration Fees - Conferences, seminars, workshops, courses including computer training, etc. of less than six (6) weeks' duration conducted by outside organizations
  • Travel Advance - Prepayment for travel costs which will be coded to the correct categories upon completion of travel claim
  • Taxable Travel Allowance - Taxable Travel Allowances as per Treasury Board Policy
  • Travel – Accommodations
  • Travel – Airfare
  • Travel – Meals
  • Travel – Ground Transportation - Transportation costs incurred for taxis and road/bridge tolls, vehicle rentals for trips, and out of province fuel and mileage, etc.
  • Travel – Incidentals - Other travel costs not included in the above categories

Who is an attendee?

Attendees are the number of people for whom the expense covers. Government attendees include the number of provincial government employees covered by the expense and non-government attendees include the number of non-provincial government employees covered by the expense. Other participants in the event are not included in the attendee numbers.

How can I get additional information or clarification?

If you require additional information, contact us using the feedback button or email Depending on the information requested, you may be referred to the Access and Privacy Services Office.

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