Register a Business: Co-operative

Any association intending to form a co-operative in PEI must apply to the Province for incorporation. This includes any housing or other non-profit co-operative. A registered co-operative in PEI operates under the authority of the Co-operative Associations Act. Please complete the online form below to request to incorporate.

A cooperative association registered with the Province must renew the registration annually. The registration may be renewed online at Renew a Co-operative or Non-profit in PEI

You are advised to seek the services of a lawyer before you request to incorporate a business entity.

What information do I need to complete the online form?

Before you apply to incorporate, please ensure the precise legal name of the new co-operative complies with provincial naming rules. For more information, refer to Register your Business Name. 

The application to register a co-operative association will include:

  • Proposed name of the co-operative association 
  • Detailed contact information
  • Names of officers/board members and contact information (minimum of three names required)
  • Full payment of fees
  • Uploaded documents including:
  1.  Articles of incorporation (prepared by a legal professional) which will include
    • Objects of the association
    • Location of the corporation head office in PEI
    • Name of first or provisional directors, minimum three
    • Liability of members, either 
      • limited by shares, and value of shares or
      • limited by membership, and amount of annual or periodic membership fee
  2. Memorandum of agreement, signed and sealed, setting forth the bylaws of the proposed corporation including: 
    • conditions of membership
    • operational procedures, i.e. holding meetings, quorum, voting and enacting bylaws
    • appointment and removal of directors and officers, their powers and remuneration
    • financial processes, i.e. audit of accounts and appointment of auditors; and 
    • custody of the corporate seal and certifying documents

What is the fee to incorporate as a co-operative?

Cost to incorporate:  $305

Cost includes fee to incorporate ($250), name search ($40), and publication in the Royal Gazette ($15).

How long will it take to process my application? 

Please allow ten business days for the Registrar to complete the business name search and incorporation process.

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