Renew PEI Health Card(s)

Your PEI Health Card is valid for five years from the date it is issued. A renewal letter with necessary validation information will be mailed to you about two months before the expiry date for all the card(s) registered to your household. Please renew PEI Health Card(s) before the expiry date to ensure Medicare services continue without interruption.  For information about your health card, refer to PEI Health Card

How do I renew my PEI Health Card?

You have the option to complete and return the paper renewal form provided in your renewal letter or, if there is no significant change of information, click the blue button below to complete the renewal form online. 
Online renewal is not available if there is a significant change of information on one or more cards registered to your household. For example:

  • Information on a card is incorrect (Please provide correct information.);
  • Household composition has changed since the last renewal, i.e. a resident has moved into or out of the household. (Please identify cards to be added or removed from household database.)

You may renew online if you are reporting no change or a minor change of information, such as:

  • Change of household address and/or phone number;
  • Language preference for receiving health services (optional); and
  • Intention for organ or tissue donation (optional). Please read Organ and Tissue Donation
International students and work permit holders are issued a temporary health card.  International students must renew every school year.  Work permit holders must renew when their current permit expires or when they receive a new permit or permanent residency. Renew a Temporary Health Card Online.

What do I need to complete the online form?

  1. You will need your household renewal letter which contains important access information.
  2. For online security, you must enter validation information including:
    1. Your household number (This number is provided on your renewal letter), and
    2. Personal Health Number (PHN) and date of birth for one adult cardholder for that household number.
  3. If there is no change in cardholder information, simply click “submit” and all cards registered to your household will automatically renew. 
  4. If you are updating language preference or organ donor consent, you may need information from the card you are updating.

Please note: Prior to receiving the renewal notice, you may report a change in address or household composition, i.e. cardholder leaves household to PEI Medicare directly at 1-800-321-5492.

All PEI Health Cards registered to your household will be automatically renewed when you submit this online renewal form. You do not need to renew each one separately.
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