Search Food Premises Inspection Results

Environmental Health Officers inspect food premises in PEI every year to ensure they meet the minimum standards set out in the Public Health Act and Food Premises Regulations. The inspection report provided to the operator confirms they are in compliance with the regulations or requires them to take corrective action on items not meeting the standards.

Satisfactory indicates the operation meets minimum standards.

What if a food premises does not meet the minimum standards?

The Environmental Health Officer has the power to immediately intervene or require corrective action where an inspection reveals a condition exists in the food premises that is or may become dangerous to public health.

If corrective action is required, the report will list the items requiring correction and the result will be Unsatisfactory: Re-inspection required.

  • If the follow-up inspection reveals items were corrected, the establishment will be granted a Satisfactory on the report.
  • If the follow-up inspection reveals items were not corrected, a warning letter may be issued and the environmental health officer will re-inspect.

If the condition fails to meet a prescribed standard in relation to health, injury or illness, the Chief Public Health Officer may issue a Health Order. Where a condition exists that places the health of the public in immediate danger, the inspection may result in immediate Closure.

How will I know if a food premises has passed inspection?

You can view inspection results for any licensed food premises on PEI. The results are updated within one week of the date of inspection.

Please do not interpret the status of an operation based on the results of one inspection. Up to three years of inspections (maximum 15 reports) are available. Please review the history of the food premises before arriving at any conclusion.