Send Student Well-being Teams Compliments and Complaints Online

Our team is committed to supporting Island children and their families to be the best they can be.  Our focus is to empower school-aged children and their families with strength, resilience and well-being through the programs and services provided.  You have the right to give feedback about our services.  This feedback will help us to improve the quality of services we deliver.

If you encounter any issues filling out the form below, you can read more about submitting online forms through this site.

What is the first step?

If you have a comment, compliment or complaint, we suggest that you first talk to those involved in providing you or your loved one service.  Speak to the person who provide the service or to the Team Lead of your Family of Schools Student Well-being Team.  We encourage you to share a compliment, or address and resolve complaints at the time and place they occur.

How do I send a Compliment?

If you are receiving service from us, please pass along your compliments directly to the person providing your support.  Our staff members enjoy hearing that you have appreciated their service.

If you are no longer receiving support or services, you can complete the form below to provide us with your feedback.  Your comments will be forwarded to the Provincial Student Well-being Team program, as well as the Student Well-being Team member involved.  Your positive experience may become an example in our continued effort to improve our services.

How do I lodge a complaint or concern?

You are encouraged to speak to the Team Lead or the Student Well-being Team member who provided your service.  It is always best to address and resolve a complaint when and where it occurs.

When making a complaint:

  • describe what happened;
  • explain the order in which things happened/
  • include dates where possible;
  • list any phone calls, letters or meetings; and
  • explain what action you would like taken.

If you are uncomfortable talking to a team lead or you are not satisfied with how your concerns were handled, you can complete the online form to provide us with your feedback.  You may also contact the Program Lead, Provincial Student Well-being Team.  They will work with you to help resolve your complaint and always welcome any questions or concerns you have about the service of the Student Well-being Team.

What will happen if I lodge a complaint?

You can expect your complaint to be dealt with promptly and fairly.  Student Well-being Team staff will work with you towards a resolution by investigating your concerns and/or connecting you with the appropriate staff to ensure you receive a response.

What if my complaint is not resolved?

Your feedback -- positive or negative -- helps us to improve the quality of our services.  If an issue is not resolved, contact:

Student Well-being Program
16 Fitzroy Street, 1st Floor
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8


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