Suggest a Purchase for the Public Library

If you wish to recommend that the library purchase an item that is not currently available in the online catalogue, take a few minutes to fill out the Suggest a Purchase form. If you have multiple suggestions, you must complete a separate online form for each.

What kinds of items can I recommend for purchase?

When completing the online form, you must choose from one of the following formats:

  • book, e-book or large-print book,
  • downloadable audiobook or CD audiobook,
  • DVD,
  • music CD, or
  • magazine.

You may also suggest another format using the field provided on the form to enter your preferred alternate format.

What information do I need to provide with my suggestion?

Be sure to include as many details about the item as you can; these might include:

  • title (required),
  • author's name,
  • publisher,
  • the ISBN, ISSN, or UPC number (unique identifiers that usually appear on a publication information page near the beginning of books and magazines or near the barcode on a DVD or CD),
  • audience (adult, children or teen), and
  • category (fiction or nonfiction), if requesting a book.

How will I know if my suggestion has been accepted?

The Public Library Service is happy to consider additions to the collection but does not notify requestors whether their suggestions have been accepted due to the volume of requests received.

If your suggestion is accepted, it will be added to the library's online catalogue. Consider following the library's RSS feeds to stay informed about all the latest arrivals.

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