Travelling Workers

The COVID-19 isolation and testing requirements for workers may vary depending on where you have been travelling and your workplace requirements.

Non-PEI residents:

PEI residents returning to PEI:

  • PEI residents do not need pre-approval to return to PEI, but will need to self-isolate and identify a self-isolation location and support person.
  • PEI residents seeking to work outside of the home during their 14 day self-isolation period may apply to work-isolate in PEI through a portal specific to PEI residents.
  • PEI residents who travel routinely, spend over 50% of their time working outside of PEI, and spend fewer than 21 days when not at work, may apply to be a rotational worker.
  • PEI residents travelling within Atlantic Canada for some types of same-day travel are not required to self-isolate, subject to some restrictions.

Commercial truck drivers and other transport workers: 

International temporary workers:

  • As a temporary foreign worker, you must self-isolate for 14 days in a designated provincial facility, upon your arrival to PEI. Testing is required at day 0-2 and 10-12 after your arrival.

Commercial fishing travel:

  • see travel and isolation measures for PEI residents and non-PEI residents engaged in commercial fishing.


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