View Licensed Community and Nursing Care Facilities

Privately owned community care facilities and nursing homes in PEI are inspected annually and must meet the minimum standards for operations and care services before a licence will be issued or renewed under the authority of the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board.

What criteria does the Board use for licensing?

Before issuing or renewing its licence, the Board ensures the facility complies with the legislation, regulations and operational and care service standards. A licensing decision is based on reports from a series of annual professional inspections in the following areas:

  • Care services
  • Food (dietary) services
  • Environmental health
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Building

Does the Board issue new licences?

New licences for private nursing homes are governed by the Minister of Health and Wellness. The Minister will notify the Board where it is determined that a new allotment of nursing home beds is required.

The number of community care facilities in the province is unrestricted. Private owner/operators must apply to the Board for a license to operate a community care facility. Call (902) 368-6152 to request application information.

What if a facility does not meet the licensing standards?

If operations or care services issues are identified during a facility inspection, the operator is advised and offered a period of time to take corrective action. A provisional licence may be issued for a short term with follow up and monitoring required.

Once the issue is corrected and a follow-up inspection finds the facility in compliance, a full licence will be granted. Licences are required to be renewed annually.

Please note: If upon a visit to a facility, inspectors find areas of non-compliance, and the board deems those areas of concern; upon hearing from the operator the board may change the status of a license.

How should I report a concern about a licensed facility?

Contact the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Consultant at (902) 368-6152 or

Can I review the licensing status of a private care facility?

Yes. Click the button below to review the licensing status and inspection report for each privately owned care facility. The asterisk * indicates a facility offers both community care and nursing care services. Those facilities are subject to both a community care and a nursing home care services inspection reports.

Please note: Inspection reports are being posted as a facility license is reviewed as of April 1, 2017. Inspection reports for all facilities will be posted February 2018.