Treasury Board Policy and Procedures Manual

This Manual is a consolidation of approved financial, personnel and management policies, procedures and guidelines for the Government of PEI. It is intended to assist management in administration and in the decision-making process, and provide a basis for the consistent application of policies and procedures throughout all departments, Crown corporations and reporting entities of Government.

For more complete coverage of personnel matters, use this Manual in conjunction with the PEI Public Service Commission Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual

For the most recent monthly mileage updates, view Section 17 - Table of Reimbursement Rates

1.0 Treasury Board Policy and Procedures Manual

2.0 Government Organization

3.0 Treasury Board

4.0 Accounting Policies

4.04 Accounts Receivable

5.0 Records and Information Management

6.0 Budgeting and Financial Management

6.01 Appropriation/Budget Process
6.02 Forecasting
6.03 Special Warrants
6.04 Appropriation Transfers
6.06 Delegation of Signing Authority

7.0 Capital Projects Management

8.0 Equipment and Accommodations

8.01 Equipment Inventory Management
8.02 Redistribution/Disposal of Equipment
8.03 Accommodations

9.0 Honoraria

9.01 Honoraria

10.0 Accountability and Governance Matters

10.02 Public Disclosure of Expenses

11.0 Risk Management and Insurance

12.0 Personnel Management

13.0 Contract Services, Conditional Grants and Funding Agreements

14.0 Purchasing

15.0 Loans and Guarantees

16.0 Planning and Management of Information Technology

16.01 Organization and Responsibilities
16.02 Cybersecurity Policies
16.04 Management and Use of Cellular Devices

17.0 Travel Policies

18.0 Government Vehicles

19.0 Grants

20.0 Inventory Management

21.0 Fraud Awareness and Reporting