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Portrait image of Premier Dennis KingIn May 2020, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, I asked leaders from across Prince Edward Island to come together to help lead the effort to address the impacts of COVID-19, particularly those felt more strongly by women and diverse groups, and establish a plan for recovery and growth. I asked this group to consider the opportunities and challenges facing our province, and to bring forward ideas on how we can Renew PEI, together.


There is an appetite here in our province for not just being better, but for being the best in both Canada and the world on a number of fronts. Islanders are no longer just asking why, but why not? As I have said before, no one owns a good idea. I initiated this process to draw on the diversity of perspectives and ideas Islanders have and I am overwhelmingly pleased with the recommendations that have emerged.


The Council has worked hard over the last year, meeting together and as sub-committees, reviewing feedback received from a group of Sector Champions as well as recommendations received from Islanders and Members of the Legislative Assembly. In all, the Council considered over 1,000 ideas, with consistent themes emerging around people, connectivity, resiliency and innovation.


My government is eager to get to work implementing the recommendations identified in this report. Many of these recommendations helped inform this year’s Speech from the Throne and Budget 2021-22. Currently, over half of the recommendations made by the Council are already underway or planned to be actioned this fiscal year. I look forward to updating Islanders on our progress.


While we continue to move towards a new normal here in our Province, we watch other parts of our country and the world face a deadly fourth wave of COVID-19 and are reminded of the relative comfort and safety we have enjoyed. Through this process and the work of the Council, it has become clear to me that strategic upstream investments that support and strengthen our greatest asset—our people—will position our province for long-lasting growth and prosperity for Island businesses and households.


We will also continue to hold ourselves to larger overarching objectives including improving the wellbeing of children, enhancing income security for Islanders, encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting anti-racism efforts.


The Premier’s Council has made it clear that by making the right choices today, we will have a lasting, positive impact on our environment and our people. We will continue to preserve our traditions and strengthen our primary industries while embracing new ideas, opportunities and technologies. I once again thank the Council for their work and invite all Islanders to join us in a commitment to becoming a more sustainable Island, a more inclusive Island and a more innovative Island as we forge a path forward.

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