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Portrait image of Premier Dennis KingThe Council for Recovery and Growth is a team of skilled, innovative thinkers consisting of 31 Islanders from various backgrounds and organizations. The work of this group over the next few months, as they engage with Islanders, will be critical in establishing a plan for recovery and growth potential for Prince Edward Island over the next one, two, five and ten years.


COVID-19 has resulted in the most significant and comprehensive shock the economy, the health system and community of PEI has seen in almost a century. Now, more than ever, we need to draw on the ingenuity and hard work of Islanders to renew PEI and look for opportunities to advance the future prospects of our people.


I am excited and inspired to bring this group together and challenge them to help bring forward ideas on how we can make PEI a better place to live, work and play. COVID-19 has impacted all Islanders – our entire well-being has been threatened. But not surprisingly, we have risen to the occasion and, as we now start to “renew” our province, we need to chart a clear path forward, one that does not necessarily take us back to our ‘pre-COVID’ normal. We have an opportunity to learn from this time period – and we must.


The response from government to this stage has focused on providing urgent support to affected individuals, businesses and sectors. While continuing immediate actions, there is a need to consider the medium and long-term challenges and opportunities facing every aspect of Island enterprise and community.


This is what I am asking this group to help tackle. Coming out of the economic and social shock will come possibilities to harness growth and build opportunity. A plan to identify and pursue growth that supports current and future generations is needed. Working with leaders from multiple sectors, the Council will work together to put forward a blueprint for recovery and growth - a true Renew PEI plan that considers Islanders ability to work, live and play.


Our work will be intense but manageable over the next several months. To start, the council will seriously consider two main questions:

How do we best support the people of PEI so that they can succeed and thrive in the years ahead?

What bold aspirations should we set for our province as we seek to be a bigger part of the world in the future?

Our work will begin immediately. We will be supported by senior government officials and will draw on expertise elsewhere to ensure we have the best thinking from all perspectives to achieve our work. The Council will be tasked to work quickly and report back to government by the end of August.

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On June 22nd, Sector Champions from business, community and industry sectors across the province met for a roundtable. The ideas and perspectives from the Sector Champions will help inform recommendations made by the Premier’s Council for Recovery and Growth.


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