Residents Travelling to and From PEI

If you must travel outside of Prince Edward Island you have to check with other provinces and territories on their rules for entering.

PEI residents returning to PEI:

  • PEI residents do not need pre-approval to return to PEI, but will need to self-isolate and identify a self-isolation location and support person.
  • PEI residents seeking to work outside of the home during their 14 day self-isolation period may apply to work-isolate in PEI through a portal specific to PEI residents.
  • PEI residents who travel routinely, spend over 50% of their time working outside of PEI, and spend fewer than 21 days when not at work, may apply to be a rotational worker.
  • PEI residents travelling within Atlantic Canada for some types of same-day travel are not required to self-isolate, subject to some restrictions.

PEI residents living off-Island returning to PEI:

A supervised Borden Exchange Area is available to PEI residents and individuals from other provinces entering PEI via the Confederation Bridge for exchange of:

  • goods or animal companions
  • individuals (picking up or dropping off people)