Residents Travelling to and from PEI

Island residents are advised to avoid non-essential out of province travel

  • Island residents are advised to avoid non-essential out of province travel
  • If you must travel for essential purposes, follow all public health measures in the area you are visiting and all testing and isolation requirements on return to PEI.
  • Before you travel outside of PEI, find out about the rules of entry for each province or territory you are entering.

PEI residents returning to PEI:

For PEI residents, including students, returning to PEI after traveling within the Atlantic region:

  • If you are fully vaccinated (two doses of a Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccine) +14 days, apply for a PEI Pass.
  • A PEI Pass will verify your vaccination and you will be exempt from self-isolation when you return to PEI, provided you meet the conditions of the pass.
  • If unvaccinated/not eligible for PEI Pass, you are asked to complete a Self-declaration and you will need to isolate for 8 day self-isolation, with testing on day 8
    • Self-isolation is waived for some types of same-day travel, with specific guidance.

Island residents traveling outside of Atlantic Canada:

  • Everyone 8 and older entering PEI, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to be tested at points of entry. This includes PEI residents returning home.
  • PEI residents with a PEI Pass who have two doses of vaccine can travel within Canada and not have to self-isolate when they come home.
  • Island residents should not travel outside Atlantic Canada unless fully-vaccinated with two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • PEI residents who have traveled outside Atlantic Canada but are not fully-vaccinated with two doses will have to isolate for 8 days when they come home to PEI, and are asked to complete a self-isolation declaration before returning to PEI

Note for International Travel

Before making plans to travel to Prince Edward Island, you first find out if you are eligible to enter Canada and review the COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada web page. If you are eligible to enter Canada, work your way through every step in your checklist to understand how to plan and prepare. Each step has specific requirements and exemptions that will follow through to later stages of your travel.


  • PEI residents who return home and are required to self-isolate but need to work outside of the home during their 8 day self-isolation period may apply to work-isolate.
  • PEI residents who travel routinely, spend over 50% of their time working outside of PEI, and spend fewer than 21 days in PEI when not at work, may apply as a rotational worker.
  • PEI residents travelling within Atlantic Canada for some types of same-day travel are not required to self-isolate, subject to some restrictions.