As of 12:01 am, Monday, 1 March 2021, Alert Level Red measures with modifications are coming into effect in PEI and will last 72 hours, until 12:01 am Thursday, 4 March, 2021. These measures are a time-limited intervention in order to get control of the situation at hand and break the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

Prince Edward Island has temporarily suspended its participation in the Atlantic Travel Bubble to curb the spread of COVID-19.

  • PEI residents do not need pre-approval to return to PEI, but will need to self-isolate and identify a self-isolation location and support person.
  • Non-residents must apply in advance to travel to PEI and should not make travel plans before receiving pre-travel approval. Proof of approval is required at a PEI border.
  • A supervised Borden Exchange Area is available to PEI residents and individuals from other provinces entering PEI via the Confederation Bridge for exchange of:

    • goods or animal companions

    • individuals (picking up or dropping off people)

  • If you travel frequently for work, you can register as a rotational worker or apply to work-isolate.
  • PEI residents who travel back and forth to PEI on the same day for some types of same-day travel are not required to self-isolate, subject to some restrictions.
  • Residents of Atlantic provinces (PEI, NB, NS,NL) have to check for any current rules and restrictions within the Atlantic travel bubble.

Monitor for COVID-19 symptoms

Get tested if symptoms develop

Check out the possible exposure locations in the Maritime provinces

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