Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population

About us

The Department of Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population focuses on expanding the workforce through local training, international recruitment, and support for various sectors, while also enhancing healthcare, education and community support programs to ensure sustainable growth across Prince Edward Island.

Some of the priorities in the mandate are:

  • Create local training opportunities for healthcare related programs in communities across the province;
  • Continue to fund open-source educational resources to reduce the cost of education for post-secondary students;
  • Create an Upskilling and Re-Skilling Fund to work with employers to create unique opportunities to get more people into the workforce through mentorship and training opportunities by working with sector champions;
  • Establish the necessary regulations to proclaim the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act and add a Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Officer position to ensure temporary foreign workers are treated with respect and fairness;
  • Expand programming with the Construction Association of PEI to provide more pathways for Islanders to enter the construction workforce and make investments to support international recruitment efforts to support the industry in accessing foreign talent to help with creating more housing units across the province.

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Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population
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