Surplus - Stewart Memorial Home

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Numéro d’appel d’offres: 
PEIG - RFP# 2685-15025
Date de publication: 
jeudi 21 Décembre 2017
Date de fermeture: 
vendredi 1 Juin 2018, 12 h 00
Type d’appel d’offres: 
Demande de propositions (DDP)
Type d’entente: 
Appel d’offres ouvert (AOO)
Valeur estimative: 
Non déterminée

PEIGOV RFP# 2685-15025


Proposals from “Not-for-Profit Organizations,” for the surplus Stewart Memorial Home, Tyne Valley, PEI will be received at the Public Works and Planning Division of the Department of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Energy until 12:00 Noon, local time, on Thursday March 1, 2018.   Proposals are requested for the following property:

Surplus - Stewart Memorial Home, Tyne Valley,  PEI

Proposals are to be clearly marked to indicate:  Surplus - Stewart Memorial Home Proposal

Proposal request documents or additional information may be obtained from the Public Works and Planning Division located on 3rd Floor Jones Building, 11 Kent Street, Charlottetown, or by contacting Alan Maynard, 368-5147 (p) or 569-0590 (f) (e)

Transports et Infrastructure
Personne-ressource pour l’approvisionnement
Alan Maynard
(902) 368-5147
(902) 569-0590

Personne-ressource de l’organisme:

Gaylene Nicholson
(902) 368-5160
(902) 569-0590