Oyster Creek Bridge- Structure Replacement

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Numéro d’appel d’offres: 
Date de publication: 
vendredi 3 Juillet 2020
Date de fermeture: 
mardi 21 Juillet 2020, 14 h 00
Type d’appel d’offres: 
Avis d’appel d’offres (AAO)
Type d’entente: 
Appel d’offres ouvert (AOO)
Valeur estimative: 
Non déterminée
Catégorie d’appel d’offres
Matériaux de construction

The scope of this work includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following: the supply of all
labour, equipment, and materials necessary to completely replace the existing bridge structure
with a new bridge structure. The work on this project shall consist of but not limited to:
excavation; slope protection; environmental controls; demolition and removal of existing structure;
steel piles; concrete formwork and accessories; concrete reinforcement; cast-in-place concrete;
new timber structure; structural steel barrier; rip rap; road work; and all other ancillaries required
to completely install the structure to the satisfaction of the Owner.

Transports, Infrastructure et Énergie
Personne-ressource pour l’approvisionnement
Neil Lawless
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