Community Campus Master Plan

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Date de publication: 
jeudi 24 Décembre 2020
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vendredi 22 Janvier 2021, 12 h 00
Type d’appel d’offres: 
Demande de propositions (DDP)
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Appel d’offres ouvert (AOO)
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Non déterminée

Tender Description: The Town of Stratford has acquired approximately 170 acres of land to develop a Community Campus which will house Town sport and cultural facilities and a planned new high school to be constructed by the Province.  Part of the land will be reserved for a future intermediate school.

The town is seeking the services of a consulting team to develop a Master Plan for the campus which shall include a site plan with elements and amenities laid out in accordance with their relationship to one another, and showing where the roads, water services, sewer services, electrical and communication services, stormwater infrastructure, and active transportation infrastructure will be located, following the natural topography to the extent possible.  The plan shall also include a phasing scheme to enable the campus to be developed in an orderly fashion as funding and community needs dictate.   

Entity Contact Information

Contact Name: Jeannie Gallant

Address:    234 Shakespeare Drive, Stratford, PE C1B 2V8                 

Phone:    (902) 367-3734       


Ville de Stratford

Personne-ressource de l’organisme:

Jeannie Gallant
(902) 367-3734