Level 2 EV Charger Installations

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Numéro d’appel d’offres: 
Date de publication: 
mardi 11 Août 2020
Date de fermeture: 
vendredi 21 Août 2020, 13 h 00
Type d’appel d’offres: 
Demande de propositions (DDP)
Type d’entente: 
Appel d’offres ouvert (AOO)
Valeur estimative: 
Non déterminée

Tender Description:                                  Sealed Tenders clearly marked “Level 2 EV Charger Installations” will be received at Summerside City Hall, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE, C1N 1H9 or by email up to and including 1:00 p.m. AST, August 21, 2020. This project consists of the installation of 23 Flo SmartTWO EV charging stations at 12 locations throughout the City of Summerside. Installation work will involve trenching, mounting of the chargers, signage/parking space markings, electrical wiring and commissioning of the EV chargers.

Location where document pick-up:     

https://www.summerside.ca/business/tenders_bids_proposals_contracts_agreements or by contacting Jennifer Nelson, Assistant Electrical Engineer.

Entity Contact Information:

Contact Name:                                            Jennifer Nelson

Address:                                                       94 Ottawa St., Summerside, PE

Phone:                                                          902.786.6861

e-Mail:                                                            jennifer.nelson@city.summerside.pe.ca

City of Summerside

Personne-ressource de l’organisme:

Jennifer Nelson
(902) 786-6861