2020 Substation Upgrade

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Numéro d’appel d’offres: 
SUM-2020 Substation
Date de publication: 
lundi 13 Juillet 2020
Date de fermeture: 
vendredi 31 Juillet 2020, 13 h 00
Type d’appel d’offres: 
Demande de propositions (DDP)
Type d’entente: 
Appel d’offres ouvert (AOO)
Valeur estimative: 
Non déterminée

Sealed Tenders clearly marked “2020 - Substation Upgrade” will be received at Summerside City Hall, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE, C1N 1H9 or by email up to and including 1:00 p.m., local time, July 31, 2020. Originally this project was divided into two separate tenders: civil and electrical. This RFP combines the two projects into one large project to complete the required work.

Location where document pick-up:    

https://www.summerside.ca/business/doing_business_with_the_city_-_tenders_b or by contacting Gerald Giroux.


City of Summerside

Personne-ressource de l’organisme:

Gerald Giroux
(902) 786-8134