Marked Fuel Permit Holders

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Individuals or businesses who hold valid marked fuel permits, and who are eligible to purchase marked gasoline or marked diesel oil are listed in this database.  To confirm if a customer is eligible to purchase marked gasoline or marked diesel oil, enter the permit number, or the name of the registered individual or business in the search fields below.

(Please Note: For name searches, you may enter a full or partial first name or last name to find matching records).

Farmers, Fishers, Aquaculturists and certain “Other” businesses are eligible to apply for a marked fuel exemption permit under the subsection 15(3) of the Gasoline Tax Act Regulations. Additional information is available on the Marked Fuel Permit – Tax Exemption Program.  Application forms for the marked fuel permits are also available for each sector: Farmers, Fishers, Aquaculturists, Custom Agricultural ContractorsPleasure Craft Owners/Operators and Others.

Questions regarding the status of marked fuel permits can be directed to 902-368-4070, or to

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le 22 Juin 2023

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