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Listed below ia a series of fact sheets on issues related to the PEI aquaculture industry.

Listed below are fact sheets that are available upon request:

  • AIN 22.2009 Control of Green Algae on Mussel Seed Collectors
  • AIN 21.2005 Clubbed Tunicate Life Cycle
  • AIN 20.2005 Sanitary Testing of Molluscan Shellfish
  • AIN 19.2005 Invasive Tunicates of Concern for PEI Aquaculture
  • AIN 18.2005 Oyster Production in PEI
  • AIN 17.2005 Finfish Aquaculture in PEI
  • AIN 16.2004 Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning: Domoic Acid Production by Pseudo-nitzschia
  • AIN 15.2003 Recirculation Technology in Finfish Aquaculture
  • AIN 14.2003 Assessment of the Notata Quahaug for Aquaculture in PEI
  • AIN 13.2003 Overwintering Trials of the notata Quahaug in PEI
  • AIN 12.2003 Mussel Culture in PEI
  • AIN 11.2003 Performance Advantages of Sterile Triploid Mussels
  • AIN 10.2002 Codium fragile Treatment Trials
  • AIN 09.2001 Parasitic Castrators in Blue Mussels
  • AIN 08.2001 Evaluation of Floating Bags in Off Bottom Oyster Culture
  • AIN 07.2001 Comparing Subtidal and Intertidal Growth in Off Bottom Oyster Culture
  • AIN 06.2001 Soft Shell Clam Neoplasias
  • AIN 05.2001 Quahaug Parasite Unknown ("QPX")
  • AIN 04.2001 Evaluation of Oyster Seed Sources on PEI
  • AIN 03.2001 Removal of Marine Worms from the Surface of Oyster Shells Using Salt Brine
  • AIN 02.2001 Evaluation of Stocking Density in Off Bottom Oyster Culture
  • AIN 01.2001 Mycotic Slouging Periostracum (MSP) in Mussels
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le 23 Février 2016
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