AgriStability Late Participation- Frequently Asked Questions

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What is late participation?

Under the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership, governments agreed to allow producers to join the program after the enrolment deadline if there is a significant downturn in a farm sector and a gap in participation.

To address the challenges facing PEI producers affected by the frosts in June 2018, the governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island have agreed to late participation for 2018. This will ensure all PEI producers can access AgriStability support for the 2018 program year to help protect the viability of their farm.

How do I apply for AgriStability as a late participant?

To participate in AgriStability, you must pay the required fee, and submit program forms by the required deadlines. If you are uncertain of your status with the AgriStability program, please contact the AgriStability Administration at (902)836-0435 or 1-855-251-9695 to enquire.

Step 1 – Pay the required fee

  • To apply for AgriStability as a late participant, you must pay:
    • an up-front non-refundable amount of $300 before we will process your form ($245 fee plus $55 Administrative Cost Share);
    • $3.15 for every $1,000 of Reference Margin covered (minus the $245 fee you have already paid). You are only required to pay this portion of the fee if you receive a benefit. We will calculate this portion of the fee when we process your form and automatically deduct it from your benefit, if you receive one.
  • The deadline to pay your $300 up-front fee is December 31, 2019. However, we will not process your form until we receive your fee.
  • You can pay your $300 up-front fee by cheque payable to the “Agricultural Insurance Corporation”.

    Send your payment to:
    AgriStability Administration
    PO Box 400
    Kensington, PE, C0B 1M0

Step 2 - Complete and submit 2018 AgriStability forms

  • The 2018 supplemental forms for all producers will be available on the AgriStability website in January 2019. Producers can submit a form once they have completed their 2018 fiscal year. Mail the completed form to the AgriStability Administration at the address shown above.
  • The 2018 Statement A forms (Income & Expense) for corporations will be available on the AgriStability website in Januuary 2019. Alternate Statement A forms may be completed by your accountant. Mail the completed form to the AgriStability Administration at the address shown above.
  • Individuals will submit their income and expense information as part of their taxing filing in 2019 using form T1163. The Agristability Administration will receive them electronically from CRA.
  • The initial deadline to submit all 2018 forms is September 30, 2019. You can submit a form until December 31, 2019; however, we will reduce your benefit by $500 for each month (or part of month) we receive it after the initial deadline.

Step 3 – We will process your form

  • We will send you additional forms to complete if we need additional information to calculate your benefit.
  • Once we process your form, we will send you a Calculation of Program Benefits Notice and an AgriStability benefit if applicable.

What is the late participation penalty?

Your benefits will be reduced by 20% for late participation.

Don’t miss out on AgriStability benefits in the future. Participating in the program each year will give you access to full AgriStability benefits and help protect your farm business against financial losses should a similar event reoccur.

Can I access AgriStability benefits before completing my 2018 fiscal year?

Yes. The AgriStability Interim Payment feature allows you to apply for 2018 program year benefits before you complete your 2018 fiscal year.  An Interim Payment is an advance on your final 2018 AgriStability benefit.

Please contact the AgriStability Administration at (902)836-0435 or 1-855-251-9695 to enquire.

You must submit program forms and pay the required fee to apply for an interim benefit.

How can I find more information on AgriStability?

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