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U.S.-China deal could be ‘game-changer’: analyst
Grain and oilseed markets could blow up if the United States and China sign and implement phase one of a trade deal they agreed to late last year, says an analyst.

Top 3 disruptors of 2020 and their impact on Canada’s ag and food sectors
Climate change, protectionism and automation are three forces Bloomberg identifies as major disruptors to the global economic outlook. They’re also among the biggest trends for Canadian agri-food supply chains to watch in 2020. With the potential to both promote and inhibit growth, these forces will shift the profitability of Canadian businesses.

Can we really save the planet by making food 'from air' without farms?
It is being claimed we could save the planet by turning renewable energy directly into food and rewilding all the farmland that is no longer needed. Could it really work?

2019 in review – Part 2: A test of industry resilience
Trade tensions, livestock disease and financial disturbances defined the first six months of 2019, with spring seeding weather disruptions quickly becoming the top issue. We’ll leave spring and continue our review of the last half of the year.

PEI Agriculture Sector Awards - Nomincation deadline: December 31,2019
The PEI Agriculture Sector Council is pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the following 2018 awards:

  • 2019 PEI Department of Agriculture and Land Minister’s Dedication to Agriculture Award.
    This award recognizes an employee that through long serving dedication, devotion, involvement, and thoughtfulness has contributed to the success and long term profitability of your agriculture enterprise.
  • 2019 PEI Agriculture Employee of the Year Award sponsored by Kool Breeze Farms
    The ideal candidate for this award is an agriculture employee that makes an invaluable contribution to any farm operation. The candidate will have demonstrated a strong work ethic and shown dedication and commitment to the agriculture industry.
  • 2019 PEI Agriculture Employer of the Year Award sponsored by T&K Fire and Safety Ltd.
    The ideal candidate for this award is an agricultural employer that goes above and beyond to ensure that their employees have a positive work experience. The candidate will have demonstrated a tremendous level of support and dedication to employees working on their farm operation.

Please nominate a worthy candidate for these awards today. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2019. The Awards will be presented at the PEI Federation of Agriculture’s Annual Meeting Dinner on January 31, 2020. For further information or nomination forms, please contact the PEI Agriculture Sector Council at (902) 892-1091 or at info@peiagsc.ca


Nominations for Gilbert R. Clements Award for Environmental Farm Planning - Deadline January 10, 2020
The PEI Department of Agriculture & Forestry is once again partnering with the PEI Enhanced Environmental Farm Plan Program to recognize producers or commodity groups committed to practicing and raising awareness of environmental farm planning and implementation. This award was established to recognize excellence in sustainable agriculture based on recommendation from the Round Table on Land Use and Stewardship. It is named in recognition of the Honorable Gilbert R. Clements’s commitment to the environment.
Each year this award is given to an enterprise that is environmentally and socially responsible in the production and/or marketing of agricultural products from a sustainable system. Island agricultural producers and commodity groups are eligible for nomination. Nominations should detail the nominee’s overall approach to environmental stewardship, community involvement and role in increasing public awareness about sustainable agricultural practices. Contact JoAnn Pineau at PEIFA 902-368-7289

New PEI Soil Health Testing Package free for a limited time
The PEI Analytical Laboratories is now accepting samples for the new PEI Soil Health Testing Package. This test includes a variety of soil health tests that focus not only on the nutrient content of the soil, but other physical and biological soil characteristics. The PEI Soil Health Test Package is a comprehensive add-on to the current PEIAL S3 nutrient analysis package, and includes the following additional soil health tests: soil texture, wet aggregate stability, soil respiration, active carbon, and biological nitrogen availability.

Follow us on Twitter @AgInfoPEI
The PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries's Agriculture Information Twitter feeds will be your source for agriculture events and workshops on PEI. Tweet us today!

PEI Market Reports

AgWeather Atlantic Website

Food Matters blog Ian Petrie writes about agriculture on PEI.

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Commodity events are listed under their respective commodities.

Soil Health Workshops - January 2020
These workshops will provide an opportunity for producers, producer groups, agronomists and landowners to come learn about the new PEI Soil Health Test, including how to take and submit a sample, and what to expect for a report. Also, the workshops will provide a great opportunity for attendees to ask questions about the tests, their reports, management practices, or any other questions related to soil health they may have. Hosted by the Sustainable Agriculture Section, PEI Department of Agriculture and Land.


January 31 - PEI Fedeartion of Agriculture AGM, Charlottetown

February 3 - A&L Level 1 Soil Fertility Seminar, Kensington

February 22 - FCC Young Farmer Summit - Ignite, Charlottetown

March 6-8 - 2020 Canadian Young Farmers Forum, Charlottetown

For any questions, or to confirm attendance contact: Bradford Rooney 314-0791 or Kyra Stiles 316-1600


NEW Calendar of Events
We have a new Calendar of Events. If you would like to have your agriculture industry events entered into the calendar, please contact Suzanne MacNeill at slmacneil@gov.pe.ca


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Interested in working in agriculture? Are you looking to hire new employees?
To post your employment opportunity or for an up to date list of agricultural jobs in PEI, visit PEI Agriculture Sector Council job registry. Check back regularly as new positions are being posted frequently this time of year.


Option 1 - Continuing Education Credits
The Department of Agriculture and Land will be offering the two different training days A & B for your Continuing Education Credits. You are required to attend one Day A and one Day B over the five-year re-certification period. Only one day per calendar year will be credited. Day A - Topics covered: General Information, Pesticide Regulations, Pesticides Effect on the Land, Aquatic Impact of Pesticides, Environmental Safety, and Application Technology.
Day B - Topics covered: Emergency Response, First Aid, Pesticide Monitoring & Enforcement, Labeling, Professionalism, Traceability, Integrated Pest Management, and Human Health & Safety.
Your current Pesticide Applicator Certificate will be valid until the expiry date. All renewed Class A certificates, in the CEC program, have an expiry date of March 31. The fee is $75 (HST included) for the 5-year certificate.
If you have taken the Day A & Day B as required to renew your certificate, you will be mailed a renewal form. If you did not take both the Day A & Day B before your expiry date, you will be required to complete the written exam to obtain a new certificate.
Registration begins at 8:15 AM. Information sessions are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and there is a $25 registration fee to offset this cost.
To register for one of these training days please call (902) 368-4154 or (902) 368-4880.

2019/2020 Training Schedule for CEC's
DAY A January 14 Loyalist Inn, Summerside
  February 4 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
  February 11 Lane's Riverhouse Inn, Montague
  March 10 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
DAY B January 16, 2020 Access PEI, O'Leary
  January 23 Loyalist Inn, Summerside
  February 6 Lane's Riverhouse Inn, Montague
  February 13 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
  March 17 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown

OPTION 2 - One day training course with exam

Attend the one day training course and write the exam, which is delivered by the PEI Department of Agriculture and Land. This course is designed to prepare you for the exam by reviewing the Agricultural Training Manual

2020 Schedule for one-day Course plus Exam
January 29 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
February 12 Mill River Resort, O'Leary
March 11 Loyalist Inn, Summerside
March 18 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown

OPTION 3 - Write the exam:

  • Write the two hour exam.
  • Make an appointment with the Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change by contacting Debbie MacRae at (902) 368-5024 or Thane Clarke at (902) 368-5599

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Why it's important to know the true value of your farm
Understanding the farm business value is useful for more than just sale situations. Financial experts say both general assessments and more in-depth business valuations are practical in multiple ways, including developing tax and transition plans.

Mind Your Farm Business — Ep 47: Climbing the value chain
At some point, likely every farmer has been frustrated with markets and pricing and thought about moving past commodity production and up the value chain. But as nearly as many quickly learn, direct marketing, dealing with processors, or even becoming a processor is not for everyone.


  • February 13 - Canadian Agricultural Partnership Agriwebinar - AgriStability & AgriInvest

Market Prices

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Price and traceability lessons learned in Canada's beef export markets
Dd you know that around 70 per cent of Canada’s beef exports go to the United States? Depending that much on one market means that if there is ever an issue with the United States border crossing (hello, BSE crisis), Canadian export options become slimmer than we’d like them to be.

January 13 - PEI Cattle Producers District Meeting, Kensington

March 20-21 - Maritime Beef Conference, Moncton

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Hemp CBD bubble may have burst
After producing hemp mostly for grain, for two decades, Canadian farmers leapt into the hemp CBD business. However, there are signs that grower fascination with CBD may be fading.

Over $11 million paid out to farmers owed money by ILTA Grain
The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) says that producers who were not paid for grain delivered to ILTA Grain Inc. will be 100 per cent compensated through the CGC’s Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program.

Does uniform emergence translate to top yield? A planter vs. drill comparison
oing the best job possible at seeding pays dividends throughout the year, but is planter-precision necessary for top canola yield? That’s just one question research is trying to answer, not only on a trial basis but at a field level as well.

March 4 - Cereals and Oilseeds Conference, Summerside

March 5 - PEISCIA Taking Charge Conference, Summerside

2020 Corn Guide - now available on-line.

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2019 Master Breeders announced - MacBeath Farms and Idee Hosteins
The announcement of the Master Breeder recipients has become an annual tradition at Holstein Canada.

States with smaller herd sizes hit harder
The U.S. dairy industry has only in recent months pulled out of a prolonged price slump that dates back to 2015. The outlook for the coming year is the brightest it has been since then, but the intervening years have inflicted a financial toll on the nation’s dairy producers, from which recovery will be slow . . . and for many, too late.

February 4 - Forage & Dairy Nutrition Workshop, Charlottetown

February 28-March 1 - Atlantic Young Breeders School, Truro

March 17-18 - Dairy Focus Atlantic, Moncton

Atlantic Dairy Events Calendar

Dairy Quota Exchange

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Agri-Food Growth Program
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has established the Agri-Food Growth Program to build and enhance local markets to increase the awareness, sale and consumption of Prince Edward Island produced agri-food products.

Agri-Food Promotion Program
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has established the Agri-Food Promotion Program to increase the awareness, demand, and consumption for fresh, high- quality Prince Edward Island agricultural products.

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PEI Woodlot Owner's Association website
PEIWOA is an inclusive group of woodlot owners that encourages Islanders to create a more sustainable forest ecosystem and forest resource on Prince Edward Island

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Honeybee-devouring giant hornet menacing Wash. likely came from Canada: official
There's at least one Asian giant hornet, the largest pest of its kind, buzzing around Washington state, and it's scaring locals silly. But it's not here to prick people -- it's much hungrier for honeybees.

Australian scientists need your help keeping track of exotic bees
Bees get a lot of good press. They pollinate our crops and in some cases, make delicious honey. But bees around the world face serious threats, and the public can help protect them.

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Restaurants Are Paying $50 for a Pack of Strawberries. Here's Why the 'Omakase Berry' Is the Latest Sought-After Fancy Fruit
A new variety of berry has been catching attention in restaurants around New York, where chefs are taking advantage of the grower’s proximity to serve up something very special to guests. Called the “Omakase berry” and grown by New Jersey operation Oishii, the strawberries — which are a Japanese variety known for its “beautiful aroma and exceptional sweetness” with a seedless exterior and “creamy texture” — are so unique that they charge $50 for a hand-picked package of eight, each berry nestled in its molded slot in a chic transparent container.

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Washington Horse Confirmed to Have Equine Influenza
On Dec. 27, 2019, Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) officials confirmed a Whatcom County horse was infected with equine influenza (EI) and an additional 10 animals were exposed. The horse that tested positive, an unvaccinated yearling stallion, experienced clinical signs that included coughing and nasal discharge beginning on Dec. 24. He is reported as recovering and a voluntary quarantine is in effect.

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Organic Farming Market 2020 Global Industry Size, Share and Growth, Global Segments Analysis and Dynamic Research Report 2026
The report covers the market scene and its development prospects over the coming years. The report also includes types, applications, and an exchange of the key manufactures working in this market. To ascertain the market size, the report displays an itemized image of the market by method for study, blend, and summation of information from different sources.

January 23-26 - Guelph Organic Conference, Guelph

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New Tool to Detect Blackleg Has Widespread Application
Potatoes are important. They rank fourth among the world’s staple crops. In the United States, they are grown commercially in 30 states and valued at $4 billion annually. Potatoes are also susceptible to 160 different fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases, such as blackleg and soft rot diseases, which are caused by the bacterium Dickeya dianthicola.

What’s Next With Glyphosate?
While most of agriculture in 2019 was engaged in playing a form of survivor, perhaps the ultimate example of this kind of reality game taking place involved glyphosate. To say it’s been a rough year for the popular herbicide would be a gross understatement.

Potato Chips Market Overview in the United Kingdom
The revenue of the potato chips (french fry) market in the UK amounted to $686M in 2018, dropping by -4.6% against the previous year. This figure reflects the total revenues of producers and importers (excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs, and retailers’ margins, which will be included in the final consumer price). In physical terms, however, the volume of consumption stood at 197K tonnes in 2018, flattening against the previous year. Over the last five years, the market was relatively stable, fluctuating mildly from 189K tonnes in 2013 to the mentioned level of 2018.

January 14 - Watch live - Potato Business Summit at Las Vegas Potato Expo 2020
Register today for the Potao Business Summit being held at the Potato Expo in Las Vegas, January 14.

January 24 - Webinar: Feed the Future – Biotechnology Potato Partnership: Durable late blight resistance to South East Asia
The World Potato Congress (WPC) is pleased to be offering the first webinar in its 2020 series featuring Dr. David Douches on January 24, 2020 at 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (USA and Canada). The Feed the Future – Biotechnology Potato Partnership (BPP) is a five-year, multi-institution cooperative agreement between MSU, USAID, Simplot Company and other global institutions to develop and bring to market improved potato products to low-income farmers in South East Asian countries.

February 21-22 - International Potato Expo 2020, Charlottetown

2019 Seed Potato Certification List and Grower Directory available on- line

Terminal Market Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

FOB Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

Reports on Potato Supplies, Movement,Stocks, and Usage
This data are compiled by North American Potato Market News.

US National Potato & Onion Report


Border Collie Saves Flock of 900 Sheep by Herding Them Away From Raging Bushfires in Australia
A 6-year-old farm dog is being celebrated after saving a flock of sheep as a wall of fire destroyed acres of farmland in southeastern Australia.

PEI Sheep Breeders Website


Saskatchewan lab to work on African swine fever vaccine
AUniversity of Saskatchewan lab is now home to the deadly virus wreaking havoc in Asia and parts of Europe all to support Canada’s preparedness strategy for African swine fever.


Mexican tomato exporters claim produce is free of virus
Mexican tomatoes being detained at the border for longer inspections is “unjustified,” according to agricultural officials in Mexico.

This is why insects wounding fruits and vegetable crops is a good thing
Insects wounding fruit and vegetable crops may make them healthier for human consumption by increasing their production of antioxidant compounds prior to harvest, according to a study which may lead to new techniques in the fresh food industry.

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What motivates farmers to upgrade their tech?
Millennials are keener than their baby boomer parents to adopt new technologies. Except for automated steering for farm machinery. Why would that be?


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