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U.S. pushing India to buy $5-6 billion more farm goods to seal trade deal - sources
The United States wants India to buy at least another $5-6 billion worth of American farm goods if New Delhi wants to win reinstatement of a key U.S. trade concession and seal a wider pact, four sources familiar with the talks told Reuters.

Improving global ag trade may not favour Canada
When it comes to improving global trade relations, a rising tide may not lift all boats. In the recently-signed Phase One trade deal between the U.S. and China, Beijing pledged to significantly increase Chinese purchases of U.S. soybeans and other agriculture goods.

Field imagery much more just a pretty picture
Overhead imagery can transform how you farm, but it’s essential to choose the right technology — and commit to it

Volunteers needed for Canadian Ag Literacy Month
anted: teachers & farmers & agricultural representatives to celebrate Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) in March!! We are coordinating classroom visits with farmers and agriculture representatives throughout the month of March to help students LEARN about, CONNECT to and UNDERSTAND agriculture.


Follow us on Twitter @AgInfoPEI
The PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries's Agriculture Information Twitter feeds will be your source for agriculture events and workshops on PEI. Tweet us today!

PEI Market Reports

AgWeather Atlantic Website

Food Matters blog Ian Petrie writes about agriculture on PEI.

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Commodity events are listed under their respective commodities.

Soil Health Workshops - January 2020
These workshops will provide an opportunity for producers, producer groups, agronomists and landowners to come learn about the new PEI Soil Health Test, including how to take and submit a sample, and what to expect for a report. Also, the workshops will provide a great opportunity for attendees to ask questions about the tests, their reports, management practices, or any other questions related to soil health they may have. Hosted by the Sustainable Agriculture Section, PEI Department of Agriculture and Land.


January 31 - PEI Fedeartion of Agriculture AGM, Charlottetown

February 3 - A&L Level 1 Soil Fertility Seminar, Kensington

February 22 - FCC Young Farmer Summit - Ignite, Charlottetown

March 6-8 - 2020 Canadian Young Farmers Forum, Charlottetown

For any questions, or to confirm attendance contact: Bradford Rooney 314-0791 or Kyra Stiles 316-1600


NEW Calendar of Events
We have a new Calendar of Events. If you would like to have your agriculture industry events entered into the calendar, please contact Suzanne MacNeill at slmacneil@gov.pe.ca


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Interested in working in agriculture? Are you looking to hire new employees?
To post your employment opportunity or for an up to date list of agricultural jobs in PEI, visit PEI Agriculture Sector Council job registry. Check back regularly as new positions are being posted frequently this time of year.


Option 1 - Continuing Education Credits
The Department of Agriculture and Land will be offering the two different training days A & B for your Continuing Education Credits. You are required to attend one Day A and one Day B over the five-year re-certification period. Only one day per calendar year will be credited. Day A - Topics covered: General Information, Pesticide Regulations, Pesticides Effect on the Land, Aquatic Impact of Pesticides, Environmental Safety, and Application Technology.
Day B - Topics covered: Emergency Response, First Aid, Pesticide Monitoring & Enforcement, Labeling, Professionalism, Traceability, Integrated Pest Management, and Human Health & Safety.
Your current Pesticide Applicator Certificate will be valid until the expiry date. All renewed Class A certificates, in the CEC program, have an expiry date of March 31. The fee is $75 (HST included) for the 5-year certificate.
If you have taken the Day A & Day B as required to renew your certificate, you will be mailed a renewal form. If you did not take both the Day A & Day B before your expiry date, you will be required to complete the written exam to obtain a new certificate.
Registration begins at 8:15 AM. Information sessions are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and there is a $25 registration fee to offset this cost.
To register for one of these training days please call (902) 368-4154 or (902) 368-4880.

2019/2020 Training Schedule for CEC's
DAY A February 4 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
  February 11 Lane's Riverhouse Inn, Montague
  March 10 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
DAY B February 6 Lane's Riverhouse Inn, Montague
  February 13 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
  March 17 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown

OPTION 2 - One day training course with exam

Attend the one day training course and write the exam, which is delivered by the PEI Department of Agriculture and Land. This course is designed to prepare you for the exam by reviewing the Agricultural Training Manual

2020 Schedule for one-day Course plus Exam
January 29 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown
February 12 Mill River Resort, O'Leary
March 11 Loyalist Inn, Summerside
March 18 Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown

OPTION 3 - Write the exam:

  • Write the two hour exam.
  • Make an appointment with the Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change by contacting Debbie MacRae at (902) 368-5024 or Thane Clarke at (902) 368-5599

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Making digital farm data work for you
With the days of financial bookkeeping, livestock record keeping and writing crop input data on paper quickly disappearing, it's essential to keep up with the digital times.

Family through succession: The Hunters create a future
Follow along with this family going through farm succession. The Hunter family is presented with three options for their farm transition


  • February 13 - Canadian Agricultural Partnership Agriwebinar - AgriStability & AgriInvest

Market Prices

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How well do you mix your cattle feed?
When it comes to putting quality feed in front of cattle, there are about as many ways to accomplish this task as there are cattle operations.

March 20-21 - Maritime Beef Conference, Moncton

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Register now for the Seed to Succeed Webinar - January 29
BASF has assembled a team of experts to help you understand the agronomy behind a targeted plant population and how it will benefit your farm. The Seed to Succeed Webinar will discuss seeding strategies to optimize your InVigor® hybrid canola and answer any questions you may have surrounding what seeding to a target plant population means to your canola.

Wheat School: Measuring the payback of wheat in the rotation
Add wheat to your crop rotation and it will increase corn and soybean yields, put more money in your pocket, improve soil health, and make your soil more resilient.

February 11 - Atlantic Grains COucnil Growe Day, Harrington

March 4 - Cereals and Oilseeds Conference, Summerside

March 5 - PEISCIA Taking Charge Conference, Summerside

2020 Corn Guide - now available on-line.

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Hoards dairyman webinar: The dairy situation and outlook for 2020
Mark Stephenson, director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin, says the current forecast for 2020 is for a basically sunny year, but there’s a low pressure system forming that may dampen the forecast toward the end of the year.

Go Big Or Go Out: The Reality Of Milking 1,200 Cows
Go big or go out of business. That was Sonny Perdue’s message to dairy farmers last fall at the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. Or at least that’s how the message was perceived. The U.S. agriculture secretary was asked by a reporter if the loss of small farms is inevitable, or if there’s something that can stem the flow.

February 4 - Forage & Dairy Nutrition Workshop, Charlottetown

February 28-March 1 - Atlantic Young Breeders School, Truro

March 17-18 - Dairy Focus Atlantic, Moncton

Atlantic Dairy Events Calendar

Dairy Quota Exchange

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Agri-Food Growth Program
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has established the Agri-Food Growth Program to build and enhance local markets to increase the awareness, sale and consumption of Prince Edward Island produced agri-food products.

Agri-Food Promotion Program
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has established the Agri-Food Promotion Program to increase the awareness, demand, and consumption for fresh, high- quality Prince Edward Island agricultural products.

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PEI Woodlot Owner's Association website
PEIWOA is an inclusive group of woodlot owners that encourages Islanders to create a more sustainable forest ecosystem and forest resource on Prince Edward Island

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Unseen 2019: Silence of the bees
Why have 500 million bees died in Brazil in the past three months?" was the dramatic headline in The Guardian on 29 August. On 16 October, the BBC published a news article headlined 21 Species In North Ireland ‘At The Risk Of Extinction’. In a piece on 22 March 2017, the National Geographic mentioned that for the first time in the US, the rusty patched bumblebee species had been declared endangered—with its population having plummeted by nearly 90% since the 1990s. Around the same time, seven species of the Hawaiian yellow-faced bees received protection under the US’ Endangered Species Act.

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How to grow the super-fruit goji berry
Gogi berries (Lycium barbarum) are the latest super fruits. They’re high in antioxidants and nutrients, and several cultures dry the berries and use them for medicinal purposes as well. They are said to support immune function and regulate blood pressure.

Florida strawberries attacked by aggressive fungus
A fungus has taken over some strawberry fields in Florida. One grower lost as many as 80 acres in Manatee County. Pestalotiopsis affects the foliage and fruit, down to the root of strawberry plants.

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Cleaning Horse Blankets
How often do blankets need to be washed, and how do you clean them? Dr. Karen Waite responds.

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California Has Double The Organic Farms Of Any Other State, But Expansion Is Slowing
California has more than twice as many certified organic farms than any other state, according to the latest federal numbers. While that might sound impressive, the rate at which farms are transitioning to organic is actually slowing.

February 19 - Annual PEI COPC Research Day, TBA

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USDA: Fresh Potatoes Part Of Trade Deal With China
According to the trade text, the USDA and China will sign and implement phytosanitary protocol allowing American fresh potato imports into China for processing. The signing ceremony was essentially a commitment to open the market by February 24th. While the potato industry is happy with the language, they understand it’s not a done deal at this point. Matt Lantz, Vice President of Global Access at Bryant Christie, said now, market access protocol must be created.

As farmers know better than most, necessity really is the mother of invention. For years, farmers have jimmy-rigged and retrofitted mobility onto non-mobile potato cleaning equipment, both to share equipment between yards and to clean tubers in-field to reduce the cost of transporting tare. The downside of moving machines that aren’t built to move is that parts get beat up and worn out in the process, reducing equipment’s functional lifespan. Now, companies are responding to growers’ needs by creating equipment purpose-built for mobility. Mobility is one of the biggest trends in potato production today, and that’s a good thing for farmers and the industry alike.

February 12-13 -AIM Local Workshops: Seed Management
Guest Speaker: Russell Jonk, Swansfleet Potato Farm, Manitoba

  • Wednesday, Feb 12 – 9:00 am : Emerald Community Centre
  • Wednesday, Feb 12 – 1:30 pm : Mill River Resort
  • Thursday, Feb 13 – 9:00 am : Rural Action Centre, downtown Montague

February 21-22 - International Potato Expo 2020, Charlottetown

2019 Seed Potato Certification List and Grower Directory available on- line

Terminal Market Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

FOB Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

Reports on Potato Supplies, Movement,Stocks, and Usage
This data are compiled by North American Potato Market News.

US National Potato & Onion Report


China Leads the Expansion of Lamb And Sheep Meat Market in Asia-Pacific
The revenue of the lamb and sheep meat market in Asia-Pacific amounted to $26B in 2018, increasing by 2.2% against the previous year. This figure reflects the total revenues of producers and importers (excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs, and retailers’ margins, which will be included in the final consumer price). The total market indicated a prominent increase from 2007 to 2018: its value increased at an average annual rate of +1.1% over the last eleven-year period. The level of lamb and sheep meat consumption peaked in 2018 and is likely to see steady growth in the immediate term.

PEI Sheep Breeders Website


Should you be hedging your hog production this spring?
The Director of Risk Management with HAMS Marketing Services is recommending a steady disciplined programme of hedging a portion of hog production heading into the spring and summer.

Top tips for managing farrowing in cold weather
Kicking off our How to keep your pigs warm in winter series, The Pig Site highlights top tips for protecting sows and piglets outdoors.


An agricultural robot developed in Nova Scotia offers a unique solution to an age-old problem farmers face.

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Pesticide Label Search APP
ou can now access Pesticide Labels on your mobile device with our new mobile application. You can save your searches and download product labels to your 'Favourites' for access, even when you are offline. Version 2.1 of the Pesticide Labels App has been released! The new release allows users to zoom-in on the PDF labels, and to search for text within those labels. More updates on the way!


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