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PEI Manure Nutrient Content Survey
The PEI Department of Agriculture and Land is looking for volunteer dairy and beef farms for their PEI Manure Nutrient Content survey. The goal of this survey is to update PEI's average manure nutrient content values for beef and dairy across PEI (poultry and swine to be sampled next year). Participating farms will have their manure piles or storages sampled twice in the upcoming year (once in spring and once in fall) and analyzed for nutrient content at the PEI Analytical Laboratories. Participating producers will be given their individual test results for free, as well as the averages for the whole province at the end of the project.
Farms will be chosen for the survey based on location and manure type requirements needed for the study. For more information, please contact Kyra Stiles at (902) 316-1600 or Melanie Bos at (902) 314-0790

Is access to rural Internet headed in the wrong direction?
Access to rural broadband Internet is a crucial part of running a successful farm and farm business. Whether it’s access to information, ability to use technology, or running a business from a rural area, Internet speed, access, and cost is becoming increasingly important for Canada’s rural areas.

Climate Change Is Already Costing Meat and Dairy Producers a Lot
The meat and dairy industry is increasingly feeling the effects of climate change, but they’re abnormally quiet about their own role in the crisis, according to a new report.

PEI Open Farm Day - Sunday, September 15, 2019
On September 15, over 20 farms across the Island will open their doors to visitors. This is a unique opportunity to meet the farmers, tour their farms, and learn more about how food is produced. We encourage PEI farmers to participate!

Gender Inclusion in Agriculture , Fisheries and Aquaculture Report
This report describes the gender, diversity and inclusion activities the Department has completed to work towards the priority areas established by the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women. This report also establishes an organizational diversity and inclusion plan for the Department; complete with targets, responsibilities, and alignment with the Advisory Council’s priority areas.

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PEI Market Reports

AgWeather Atlantic Website

Food Matters blog Ian Petrie writes about agriculture on PEI.

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Commodity events are listed under their respective commodities.

August 30 - October 6 - PEI Fall Flavours, all across PEI

September 10-12 - Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, Woodstock, ON

September 14 - Hamilton Heritage Day, Hamilton, P.E.I

PEI Association of Exhibitions 2019 Calendar


Kings County
Eastern Kings Exhibition
4-H Rural Youth Fair
September 13 - 15


Calendar of Events

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Interested in working in agriculture? Are you looking to hire new employees?
To post your employment opportunity or for an up to date list of agricultural jobs in PEI, visit PEI Agriculture Sector Council job registry. Check back regularly as new positions are being posted frequently this time of year.


You can make an appointment to write the two hour exam by calling Thane Clarke at the Department of Communities, Land and Environment at (902) 368- 5599

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Consider family dynamics in farm management plans
Family farm. The name says it all. Some, if not all, workers involved in farms across the country are members of the same family. Not only do they have long and sometimes complex histories together, but they are also in business together. That combination, experts say, can add complications to managing the operation.

How to manage your smartphone before it manages you
Our devices can either enhance our lives or create endless frustration and confusion. Making the right choice isn’t that hard

Stay tuned

Market Prices

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Using data to drive decisions
Data has always driven herd management decisions for Doug and Helga Price, though their methods for using data have greatly evolved over the years. At one time, they calculated performance data for Echo Sand Ranching on paper. Helga spent long hours working this information to rank the females in their herd. Today, with an easy-to-use database at hand, performance and carcass data provides them with opportunities to improve their breeding program and leverage this information into new marketing ventures.

New Elora Beef Research Centre officially opened
The state-of-the-art facility was accomplished through a partnership between Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) the provincial government, through the Agriculture Research Institute of Ontario and the University of Guelph.

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Farmers with higher protein wheat may hold
Spreads for higher-end spring wheat may be around the corner as hard red winters fail to meet millers’ plans. Farmers may be well advised to hold onto their spring wheat until later in the 2019-20 marketing campaign, say analysts.

Finding alternative forage options to alfalfa
High alfalfa winterkill levels this spring led growers to consider other species to get enough feed

2019 Cereal Guide

2018 Roundup Ready Soybean Variety Trials

2018 Conventional Soybean Variety Trails

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Quebec dairy farmers struggling with new open markets
Quebec dairy farmers continue to struggle as international trade agreements have hit their bottom line hard. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) with the European Union and its member states opened more of Canada's market to foreign import.

Dairy cattle research to address 'global issue that poses a serious threat to human health'
Antimicrobial use in livestock is linked to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Hoards' dairyman webinar: Monitoring and improving cow comfort in freestalls and tie stalls
Cow comfort has a huge impact on a dairy’s bottom line. Monitoring lameness and injuries helps producers identify management and facility factors that influence cow comfort, allowing them to make the right changes and see improvements.

Diversifying dairy
Small on-farm dairies are at forefront of introducing milk with more easily-digested proteins

Atlantic Dairy Events Calendar

Dairy Quota Exchange

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Agri-Food Growth Program
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has established the Agri-Food Growth Program to build and enhance local markets to increase the awareness, sale and consumption of Prince Edward Island produced agri-food products.

Agri-Food Promotion Program
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has established the Agri-Food Promotion Program to increase the awareness, demand, and consumption for fresh, high-quality Prince Edward Island agricultural products.

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PEI Woodlot Owner's Association website
PEIWOA is an inclusive group of woodlot owners that encourages Islanders to create a more sustainable forest ecosystem and forest resource on Prince Edward Island

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Beekeeping and brewmaking: Get to know the city’s apiary scene at the Philly Honey Festival
The brewery rooftop is home to 80,000-120,000 bees.Garrett’s two colonies create nearly 60 pounds of honey per year for the brewery. While that isn’t quite enough honey to create a beer just yet, the brewery uses the honey in cocktails and on their charcuterie board.

Pesticides Linked to Deaths of Millions of Bees in Brazil
More than 500 million bees were found dead by beekeepers in Brazil over a three-month period earlier this year. Now, scientists are linking these mass bee die-offs to an increase in the use of pesticides, fueled by the weakening of chemical regulations by the Bolsonaro administration.

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University helps state growers cope with voracious, invading fruit fly
It’s a beautiful summer day with a hint of fall in the air at Bures Berry Patch, southwest of Barneveld, Wisconsin. On the edge of a quarter acre of raspberry canes, research assistant Andi Nelson is counting fruit fly pupae into small plastic tubs.

Why robots will soon be picking soft fruits and salad
It takes a certain nimbleness to pick a strawberry or a salad. While crops like wheat and potatoes have been harvested mechanically for decades, many fruits and vegetables have proved resistant to automation. They are too easily bruised, or too hard for heavy farm machinery to locate.

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The horse – a flight animal
When a horse senses danger, behavioral patterns based on vital and ancient instincts emerge. The ancestors of domesticated horses were prairie animals. Over the centuries, their body has evolved and adapted to the threats posed by predators by developing various anatomical and physiological features.

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For Organic To Remain Strong, Farmers Say They Need More Consistent Enforcement
Organic dairy farmers in Vermont say inconsistent enforcement of industry standards have allowed large-scale producers to market milk that is not truly organic. The farmers are asking Congress for help to close regulatory loopholes they say have given some large farms an unfair advantage in the market.

September 22 - Organic Harvest Picnic, PEI Farm Centre
Tickets are now available for the PEI COPC’s largest annual fundraiser: the Organic Harvest Picnic. We invite our members, our supporters, and anyone who loves food, music, and games to join us on Sunday, September 22, at the Legacy Garden.

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Getting Soft
Management and diagnosis soft rot diseases. Dickeya and Pectobacterium are closely related bacteria that cause seed piece decay, blackleg, stem rot and wilt, and tuber soft rot. Blackleg results in stem death on sprouting tubers, poor emergence, stem rot during the growing season, and tuber soft rot late in the season and throughout the storage and marketing process. Early symptoms of infected seed tubers and on established plants from infected seed will start to show upper leaf curling and wilting.

What does brexit mean for potato markets?
With political turmoil still providing no answers to how the UK will exit the European Union, it may be prudent to plan for the worst and hope for the best. The option of the UK leaving the EU with no deal on 31 October remains a possibility. Should this happen, what might be the barriers to European trade (specifically exports) faced by the potato industry?

Desiccation: Smart app ‘WatchITgrow’ potato farmers said to use up to 50% less chemicals
The quality of the potato harvest depends on many factors – obviously weather conditions, crop protection and fertilization, but the timely, accurate and correct haulm killing of potato tops is also of great importance, says the WatchITgrow app program team at VITO in Belgium.

Canada’s potato crop struggles with dry summer conditions
As with many other agricultural sectors, potato producers are battling the weather during this growing season.

2019 Potato Fieldworker Meetings - Meeting start at 3:00 p.m.
For more information contact Lorraine MacKinnon, Potato Industry Coordinator, PEIDAL 902-314-1607

Date Location
September 10 PEI Potato Board


2018 Potato Guide - available on-line

2018 Seed Potato Certification List and Grower Directory available on- line

Terminal Market Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

FOB Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

Reports on Potato Supplies, Movement,Stocks, and Usage
This data are compiled by North American Potato Market News.

US National Potato & Onion Report


Ontario Sheep exploring production insurance feasibility
Ontario Sheep Farmers (OSF) has secured funding from the AgriRisk Initiative Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to investigate the feasibility of a production insurance program for the sheep industry and wants producer input for its development.

PEI Sheep Breeders Website


China could release emergency pork reserves after losing 100 million pigs to swine fever
African swine fever has wiped out a third of China's pig population. Now government officials are discussing dramatic steps to stabilize the world's largest pork market.

Nutritionist Explores New Frontiers To Improve Pig Health
Producers know that if a pig has good gut health in the nursery, it’s more likely to get off to a good start in the grow-finish barn. But with increased pressure on antibiotic use, nutritionists are tasked with looking for effective alternatives, Jon De Jong, a nutritionist for the Pipestone Grow Finish Team, told Pig Health Today.


It’s been a long journey for wild tomatoes
One of the best tastes of summer is a fresh, right-off-the-vine juicy tomato. Like a kid before the holidays, we wait with anticipation for that first bite of a tomato that tastes like a tomato. We chomp down with an eagerness usually reserved for the Thanksgiving turkey with its lavish accompaniments. However, just as the first Thanksgiving turkeys probably didn’t taste exactly like the ones we buy at the supermarket today, today’s tomatoes have come a long way from the ancestral wild tomatoes of South America. One biology lab at UMass Amherst is looking way back to try to see the future of a tomato that tastes like a tomato.

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Bushel Plus app makes harvest loss data available any time
ine-tuning the combine at harvest results in more bushels in the bin and fewer volunteers in future years, but calibrating losses isn’t always convenient, and during busy harvest season it might be an overlooked or rushed step.


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