Provincial Veterinarian

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Who does the Provincial Veterinarian report to?

The Provincial Veterinarian reports  directly to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Land

What is their role?

The Provincial Veterinarian will:

  • address the policy and regulatory issues related to:
    • animal health and welfare
    • cultured finfish industry on Prince Edward Island.
  • oversee provincial actions in any potential disease outbreak in the livestock or poultry industries.
  • oversee the health of finfish being transferred to and from Prince Edward Island
  • issue certification that finfish transferred to and from Prince Edward Island meet the Atlantic Province’s health criteria requirements for the transfer of finfish.
  • represent the province at the national level through membership on the Canadian Council of Chief Veterinary Officers.

Who is the Provincial Veterinarian?

Dr. Jill Wood
Chief Provincial Veterinarian

Date de publication : 
le 19 Novembre 2020