PEI Agriculture Energy Systems Pilot Program

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The application intake for the Agriculture Energy Systems Pilot Program is now closed.  If you have questions about the program, please email

The Prince Edward Island (PEI) Agriculture Energy Systems Pilot Program supports the adoption of clean technologies and implementation of on-farm projects that improve energy efficiency, generate renewable energy, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase farm resilience to energy costs

Who is eligible?

The following includes a summary of program and funding eligibility. Before completing the application form, please review program and funding criteria in the PEI Agriculture Energy Systems Pilot Program Guidelines.

Eligible Recipients

  • Bona-fide agricultural producers; and 
  • Mi’kmaq First Nations and other Indigenous groups conducting farming activities

What activities are funded?

The program supports farmers to undertake energy efficiency activities in the following categories:


  • Upgrade building heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting equipment and systems.  Generate and use renewable energy.


  • Retrofit existing grain dryers or purchase and install upgrade components on new grain dryers.


  • Switch processes and equipment from fossil fuels to electricity and renewable energies and undertake activities to optimize tractor fuel use efficiency.

Proposals for other innovative, effective and resilient energy projects may be considered by the Agriculture Energy Systems Pilot Program review committee.

What expenses are eligible?

Direct project costs to adopt approved equipment and process improvements: 

  • specialized commercial grade equipment (including used equipment);
  • contracted labour, consultants, and professional fees for project design and implementation;
  • materials, supplies, and rentals;
  • modifications to existing equipment or technology;
  • one-time purchase of specialized software systems related to upgrading and acquiring new equipment and technology;

How do I Apply?

  1. Complete, sign and submit the application form and supporting documents (written quotes, equipment specifications, previous energy assessments) prior to the intake deadline of March 4th, 2024.
  2. Department staff will review your application for completeness and follow up if any additional project information is needed to inform project assessment.
Application Intake Project Activity Period Final Claim Deadline
February 7 - March 4, 2024 February 7, 2024 - March 14, 2025 March 14, 2025

Eligible project expenses will be recognized within the Project Activity Period stated above, however expenses incurred prior to the date of project approval are at the Applicant’s risk.

Following application intake deadline, the program review committee will assess and rank project applications based on the information and supporting documentation provided.  Funding will be allocated to projects with the greatest merit, based on the following criteria:

  • Energy savings; 
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; and
  • Increasing farm resilience to climate change.

For more information contact:

PEI Department of Agriculture 
Agriculture Energy Systems Pilot Program
11 Kent Street
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown PE C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-4880

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