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A member of the Yew family, Ground Hemlock is an evergreen shrub that often forms dense, low thickets in mixed wood and deciduous forests.  Ground Hemlock (Taxus canadensis) is harvested from forest lands in eastern North America and used to manufacture a variety of cancer fighting medications.

Do I need a license to harvest, transport, sell or buy Ground Hemlock on PEI?

Yes. Unless you are the property owner and selling ground hemlock you have harvested from your own lands, all persons engaged in the harvest, transportation and/or purchase of ground hemlock must be trained and licensed on PEI. Land owners may wish to refer to Woodland Notes Vol #4: Selling Ground Hemlock for more information on this product.

Who is licensed to buy Ground Hemlock on PEI?

Active Licensed Ground Hemlock Buyers on PEI
Name Community Contact Information
Cory Arsenault Richmond (902) 315-2557
Joseph Perry O'Leary (902) 859-2799

How do I get a Ground Hemlock Harvesters' License?

Ground Hemlock Harvester training courses are offered by Ground Hemlock Buyers.

  • Contact a Ground Hemlock Buyer for information on up coming courses.
  • Once you have passed your course, you will receive a letter from the Department of Communities, Land and Environment stating that you are eligible to obtain a harvesters' license.
  • Take the letter and an acceptable form of identification to an Access PEI office.
  • Pay the license fee and they will process your license for you.

Ground Hemlock Harvesting licenses are good for three years. You can renew your harvesters' license by going to an Access PEI office and submitting a Ground Hemlock Harvesters License Renewal Form.

Remember: When harvesting or transporting Ground Hemlock you are required to carry your Ground Hemlock Harvesters' license with you.

What should I do if want to sell Ground Hemlock from my land?

If you harvest and sell ground hemlock from your own land, you do not require a license but only the person(s) named on the property tax bill has this exemption. When you go to a buyer you must:

  • Present legal identification
  • Present a copy of the current year's tax bill for the property where you harvested the ground hemlock

Can I harvest Ground Hemlock from any forested area?

No. You require the permission in writing from the land owner before crossing or harvesting on private lands. For information on public lands, contact your local Forest District office.

Is there a Closed Ground Hemlock Harvest Season?

It is illegal to harvest and/or buy Ground Hemlock from May 1 to August 15 each year.

How can I become a Licensed Ground Hemlock Buyer?

Persons interested in becoming a Ground Hemlock Buyer must contact the Forests, Fish and Wildlife division at (902) 368-6450. Buyer information can be found at Ground Hemlock Buyers Information and Resources.


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